What is xeertyub.myshopify.com : Scam store exposed

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What is xeertyub.myshopify.com

Sometimes before we can get to buy from a site it is also important that we take a look at the name. This is a typical example of what a scam site that is not serious at all would be named. Hello everyone and welcome to my review of this fake and fraudulent online store in which I will be advising you not to buy from the site because they are fake and after your money and will scam you if you attempt to buy from them. So basically in this review we will be looking at this site to assess their legitimacy and help those who have come across the site and are looking for answers as to whether the site is a legit online store or a scam. So if you have such questions like what is xeertyub.myshopify.com (also known as weioweijweifh.worldwe) , is it for real, is it fake, trustworthy, honest, Good, bad, fake or a legit online store to buy from then this review is for you.


The truth about what is xeertyub.myshopify.com

There are many many sites that are using this subdomain names of myshopify.com and I hope no one thinks them to be legit because of that, it is simply a way of avoiding having to buy a domain name because it will be am extra cost that will reduce their level of profit. The name itself does show that the site isn’t really serious otherwise if they were about the long term they would find a real genuine and good brand name for the website.

They are also any other sites with such names and these always come out to be scams. There are also many other fake online stores that also are selling outdoor sheds for cheap prices and these are also fake. You will also find out that these sites are placing their ads on facebook and more than 90% of these facebook ads sites are scam sites and not to be trusted. Below are some more scam signs.


Scam signs

Over the time i have been delaing with scams I have realised that scammers never provide their real phone number, they at provide an email address but not a genuine number and legit sites always try to give a phone number so that they they can be accessed and get to help customers and make more sales. Phone numbers result in tracking and this is why this site has no phone number. The site is clearly also too new to the trusted. The prices that are being charged are just as fake and unrealistic as the many scam sites that we have had to review here.  The admin of the site is not known and since you didn’t trust the site enough to search them up you may as well not buy from them just to be sure you are safe.





Xeertyub.myshopify.com is not a legit online store and they will not be online for long. Once you send the site some money you will not hear from them a and they may choose to send you a counterfeit cheap product or send you nothing at all. Don’t get scammed and if you have more questions on what is xeertyub.myshopify.com or have had some experience with them please leave a comment below.

Good luck

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