What is Kanowheels.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Kanowheels.com

Has anyone been thinking about getting some electric bike from Kanowheels lately? Have you been wondering if they are legit to buy from it if you will lose your money or you just wanted to check whether their items are of good quality and last long. Well, welcome to this review of what is Kanowheels.com. In this review we will be looking at the legitimacy of the site and help you find out on whether they are a scam or not. I’m sure you may have come across Kanowheels on some ads or maybe you go to know of them through some other person who may have had suggested the site for you. Well, do not buy from this site as you shall see in this review they are a scam site and will steal money from you. If you have questions on what is Kanowheels.com then this review might just be helpful in keeping you away from being scammed.


The trust about what is Kanowheels.com

Kanowheels.com is a new online store that was created not so long ago. The site is selling some electric bikes and I think you also noticed that they are selling them at a real cheap price, a price too cheap that you may not even believe it. Anyways this is what they do these scammers, they want to lure you into their trap using cheap prices and once they steal your money they will disappear.

Over the months there are many online stores like Kanowheels that have come up and gone and have advertised their products and scammed people. These sites are mainly found on facebook and more than  90% of these facebook ads prove to be scams. Whatever you do , make sure you dont buy from them until you are sure you can trust them. They are fake and as you shall see below just like any other scam the site tries to hide that and here are some scam signs to help you out.


Scam signs

The first red flag to keep away from the site is the age of the site. According to whois the site was created on the 2nd of September 2019 and that means that the site is too new to be trusted and a day later was already advertising. The site is also using fake reviews on their site, the very same day of creation there were already reviews on the site which have not been dated and there is no way a 1 day old site can get reviews after making an online sale. Apart from their whois information they are hiding they are also hiding their contact information to avoid getting tracked.





Kanowheels.com is not to be trusted at all. The site has every reason to be doubted and is also too new and too cheap to be trusted. Once they have your money they will later on disappear as they always do. So if you have more questions on what is Kanowheels.com or have some contributions to help us expose this scam please leave a comment below.

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