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What is wowgetmethis.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this eye opener of wow get me this. This site has been having lots of advertisements on facebook of different items and I’m pretty sure that the site has also been advertising on instagram to get more access to more people. Well, in this review we are going to be assessing their legitimacy and help you realise how much of a scam the site is, if you come across them make sure that you dont buy from them and if you have been scammed please leave a review in the comments section and contact your bank for further assistance on whether the cash is refundable or not. So if you have such questions as what is wowgetmethis.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, trustworthy, a good or bad online store to buy from then this review might just be helpful.


The truth about what is wowgetmethis.com.

Wowgetmethis.com is a site that I have come across quite a number of times lately and they have been advertising different items at a promotion and prices which are too good it be true and are really fake. There is no need to try them out if you can’t risk the money in your bank account  because you are most likely to lose more money than the amount that they claim to be charging, you will be over charged and may be charged some member ship fee without you even knowing it.

It is not a mistake but how these ads sites have been operating and after all you won’t get your item. Many people have already been scammed by these sites and it looks like more than  90% of them if not almost all of them are fake sites that are operated by criminals. Be careful not to send them your money and their Payne r methods are also not safe. Below are some scam signs we hope will scare you away.


Scam signs.

Firstly the site is just too new. It was created according to whois on the first of August 2019 and they don’t seem to be interested in staying for long because they never do. Once they get enough of people’s money they disappear and create other sites. The site has also no real contact number that you can call, this is done by scammers to avoid having them tracked down. I’m not sure if we should be talking about the prices as they look quite too obvious that they are too good to be true and once they look too good to be real you should get suspicious.





The site is only after your money and credit card details. If you have had some experience with the site please leave a review and help us help others who may be having the same question of what is wowgetmethis.com. If you haven’t bought from them make sure you don’t because once you do they will not send you anything. Do not get scammed.

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