What is bbnmq.myshopify.com : Scam exposed

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What is bbnmq.myshopify.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of  this online store that has been advertising their sheds, beds , sofas and the like. I’m sure you may have met the site on some facebook ad or maybe know of someone who have bought from the site and maybe they haven’t received their items at all. Well, this is because the site is a scam and not to be trusted and I’m sure some have already noticed because of the fake prices that are being charged by the site. If you havent been scammed then thank the heavens because you were in for some big loss. In this review we will be assessing the legitimacy of bbnmq.myshopify.com and help all those who may have questions regarding the site. So if you have such questions like what is bbnmq.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or a bad online store then this review might just be of some help as we expose this scam.


The truth about what is bbnmq.myshopify.com

Bbnmq myshopify is a fake and fraudulent online store that has been advertising their items on some fake promotions. The ads are mostly seem on social networks like Facebook and instagram and they have already managed to reach a lot of people who have fallen for these scammers. Whatever you do make sure you dont get blinded by the fake prices that look real cheap because they are just a way to get people to try them.

Already they have been many other online stores that have scammed many people using this very same scam method whereby people get tricked into believing that the site really does exist when they don’t even exist and just use a site to get people to send them money. Dont trust these too good looking ads from new sites on facebook. Below are some of the scam signs that we have managed to identify on the site.


Scam signs

Bbnmq.myshopify.com is still a new online store and there is no doubt about that even though their whois details cannot be accessed because they are using an extension of .myshopify.com. The site has not given any real contact details for the people to use to contact them and scammers always do this to avoid getting tracked down. The pricing system being used is somewhat biased as all the items are being sold all of them for less than 25% of what they would cost on the real legit market. The prices are too good to be true.





That the site is a fake and scam site is no doubt so if you were planning on buying from them you may want to avoid losing your money by keeping it. Such sites have been around for quite some time now and they are many hundreds of them that we have had to review in just 2019. If you have had some experience with them make sure you leave a comment and also if you still have a question regarding what is bbnmq.myshopify.com.

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