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What is iWage.me

Hello and welcome to my review of iWage.me. In this review we are going to be analysing this hyip site and using facts prove to you whether it is a scam site or a legit site. Have you been thinking about investing at iWage.me but you are not really sure whether this is a good idea because you are scared of being scammed. Well that is the reason behind this site, we help you detect and keep away from scams before you can work for them or invest in them. If you have questions such as what is iWage.me, is iWage.me a scam, legit, honest, real, paying, trustworthy, genuine, fraudulent, good or bad investment site the this review will be an eye opener and of much help.


What is iWage.me? Is it a scam?

The criteria that I use to investigate new HYIP sites is a criteria that I have used so many times before and it helps me keep away from scam sites. Too bad almost all of these hyip sites are scams and a few which are paying but these also pay very little returns over a very long long period of time and so I don’t really see the need to invest in them. So I am applying this same criteria to find out what is iWage.me.

iWage.me is an hyip site that is still new and cannot really be trusted. This is why this site has a very low trust score. Another thing you may also want to know about HYIP sites is that these sites are never scam free. If you are a newbie online and you are interested in making money online then you may want to click here to check out my #1 most recommended, reviewed and 100% scam free way to make money online.


Reasons why iWage.me has been awarded a low trust score

There are a few reasons why iWage.me has been awarded a 35% trust score. Such a % means if you are not ready to risk losing anything do not invest in it, but if you do feel the argue to try this site out, the minimum amount you can invest is 1$, it won’t hurt losing a dollar, and in 2 weeks time you will be sure whether the site is a scam or not, but as at date the site is still new, untrustworthy and has no online reputation whatsoever.


1. Site is still new ( no online reputation)

Okay this is the first reason why you should not invest in this site. The site doesn’t have any online reputation as at date and investing in it would be going head in first in a dark hole no one knows what is in there.

iWage.me was created on the 5th of January 2019 and my first rule when it comes to hyip sites is never invest in a new site. If a site looks legit, make sure it is time tested first because if it has been online for a while then it definitely has some online reputation.

2. Lifetime returns?

I always say that if you come across a site that promises life time returns or claims it will be paying your Forever then you know you have a big problem, it is quite obvious these sites won’t last forever and in any business there always will be ups and downs, will the site be willing to pay you when it isn’t getting any profit or is having losses in their trading and exchanges. We are still yet to talk about the question of the company mentioned’s existence.

Another thing is also the fact that though the returns promised are lower than those promised by most scams it doesn’t really get rid of the fact that the returns are quite unrealistic. I know we all love highly paying investments but like I already mentioned from the statistics of the many sites that have been before this one, the ones that are labeled as paying pay very little returns over a long period of time, usually 0.5% per day meaning if you invest 20$ you have to wait for 200 days to get back your 20$ in full and then you can start thinking about profit.

200 days is about 7 months of investment and no profit. The worst part is that most of these sites are not yet 200 days old yet, meaning no one has really started getting the profit and I consider these sites as wastage of time.

3. Hidden identity

If you take a look at all Hyip scams you will realise that they never give you their real identity. You can look up the registration details of the website at whois and still won’t get the names of the people behind the sites even though it is mandatory that the owners of such sites should give such information.

I’m sure you will agree with me that you can’t just give your money to a person that you don’t know and expect them.to return it, this applies to such sites, especially since there are thousands of such sites that have proved to be scams. No one knows who the site belongs to and the owner doesn’t seem to want anyone to know either.

The contact number given is of no use because no matter how many times I have tried to call to know more about the site, no one picks up but the fact that the number at least exists is the only flicker of hope because of all scams I have come across none of them ever give a real contact number, it is always an invalid one.

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4. Does the company exist

The site claims it belongs to a company called iWage and says that this company is one of the leading companies in stock exchange and there isn’t anything to support this statement. Though they claim that the company has been in existence for a long time, I have much doubts about that because the company in mentioned nowhere on the internet.

Other legit ways to consider

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What do you think about what is iWage.me? Do you think this site is just another scam site.like the other 99% or this could be the site that has answers to those looking for a break through. These chances are very unlikely, the faceless site is just too shady. Please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck

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