What is offersbux.com : Is Offerbux.com legit and worth it?

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What is Offerbux .com ?

Hello and welcome to my review of Offerbux .com.  I have had to spend quite some time trying to look into this site to see if it really is a helpful, paying site that is worth the time people are willing to lay down. So after having spent a short time at it and looking at it I hope i can amswer all those with questions like what is Offerbux .com, is Offerbux .com a scam, legit, honest, real, genuine, trust worthy, fraudulent, paying, worth the time, a good or bad “Paid to do” site.  I hope this review will be an eye opener.


What if Offerbux .com? If Offerbux .com a legit site?

Okay so when I came across Offerbux and also had the same question what is Offerbux. com I had some testimonials saying that it was a legit honest site and I’m not surprised because I hardly come across scam PTC sites because as long as they promise the realistic and usual earning you won’t have to worry about being scammed because they don’t have much to win when they scam people, it only gives them a bad name which is what they don’t want.

So Offerbux isn’t a scam after all, it is new and paying and you won’t have to worry about losing your money or having your details stolen because the payment methods used are safe. You might think I’m here to try to manipulate you to be my referral, forget all that I’m here to give you my honest and sincere view of this site according to the time I have spent and my experience in dealing with scam sites. If you want to check out my #1 and most recommended way to make money online, CLICK HERE.

So let’s get started on the real question that you should be worried about, is this site worth the time you have to spend, is it worth it? Should you spend your time at Offerbux or look for something else to spend your time doing to make some reasonable income online?


Is Offerbux Worth it????

This is the most important question you should ask yourself before you choose to invest your time and energy on any site you may want to. Forget about the fact that the site is legit, how much do you want to make? Are you looking fir online ways to earn money for fun? The time you spend is it the amount of time you would want to spend and get the amount of money you get. So personally I’m not really satisfied when i have to compare between the time I have to spend doing whatever I’m told to do and the money I actually get from it? Are you? Let’s find out.


How much can you make from Offerbux .com?

When I first came online i was looking for ways to make even 10 bucks a week, that was satisfying enough and frankly that it wasn’t as easy to find such a site. You spend hours and hours clicking on ads or viewing vids and at the end of the day you only have less than 40c and you can only withdraw your cash when it reaches 10 bucks. This is more of what you will find at Offerbux, legit but takes a lot of time to earn a little cash.

Ads at offerbux

Offerbux will give you some ads to click and these ads don’t pay much, ads never pay much. If you are an ad clicker you probably know what I’m talking about, the highest paying ads don’t exceed 5c per click and the normal ones are usually 0.005c. If you are going to be an ad clicker ta Offerbux. Com then I don’t know, it is one of the least paying ads site I have ever come across.

The common price for ads there is 0.0001 and at time 0.0005. Meaning to get a dollar you need about 10 000 ads and 100 000 ads to get 10 bucks and off you have never been an ad clicker you may want to know that by the time you get to 100 click you will have had spent more than an hour. Clicking ads at Offerbux is sadly the worst thing you could ever do, I don’t know how many months it will take you to get 10 buck, it may even take you a month to reach 1$.

2. Offer walls

Offer walls and ads are the 2 MAIN ways you can use to make money at the site. Offer walls are more like surveys. You complete a survey and earn. Offer walls offer you more money than ads do, way much money. You can make 25c 70c a dollar or even 5 bucks from one offer walls.

Here is where the problem lies. The offer walls which offer you money are from people who are usually working on other paid to sites and all they want you to do is usually become their referral and do the work for them.on another site and get part of the money you work for and pay you way less than that. These offer walls don’t pay much though, usually 10 or 25 c and you can complete them.in about 10 days.

The offer walls that pay you more are those that require you to buy something from them. For example you play a game and in the you are supposed to reach lever 3 and to reach level three you habe to buy a car using real cash from your card and so you are actually losing money to earn less than the money you lost.

My advice

I know people want make money quick things but evidently this is just some wastage of time. You want to make real money online? Then you have to be willing to give it time. Good things take time. Did you know that you really can make 4 or even 5 figure every month given that you are willing to sacrifice at least 3 months of building an online business?

When I came across that opportunity I wanted to do some network marketting of AIM global products and took the opportunity. 3 months of building an online presence with the help of thousands and thousands of successful and upcoming online entrepreneurs on the same platform can bring you real money, passive monthly income. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND CHECK IT OUT.


If it is all about scam or legit then you are good to go. But if you need something that can make you real money and that pays you fairly for the time you spend doing the stuff you need to try something else. Something else like Wealthy Affiliate. What do you thing about what is Offerbux .com? Do you think this site is a scam or legit site?  Please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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