What is Gemneon.io : Scam or legit?

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What is Gemneon.io

Hello and welcome to my review of Gemneon.io. My name is Donald and I have spent quite some time studying online making money sites, mainly paid to do sites and Hyip sites but mostly hyip sites. If you have been wondering about gemneon whether it is a legit site to make money online or whether it is just another scam this review is going to help you get answers to your questions and also show you how you can tell if Gemneon is a scam site or not. Do you have questions like what is Gemneon.io, is Gemneon.io a scam, legit, honest, real, trustworthy, paying, fraudulent, good or bad high yielding investment program? This review might help and be an eye opener.


What is Gemneon.io? Is it a scam?

No doubt that HYIP sites are on top of the list when we talk of online scams. Everyday I come across New hyip sites, there isn’t a day in which no hyip is created, and so its no surprise that this has turned to be the biggest scam. If you are a newbie and don’t know much about making money online, you are going to go through many sites like gemneon (scams) and will lose money and may waste time working at paid to do sites that pay you 5 bucks after a month of many hours spent clicking ads and completing surveys and at times not getting the payment.

So after taking a look at Gemneon.io and looking back at the many sites that have proved to be scams and comparing characteristics and actions and validating their information I came to the conclusion that this site is a scam just like the other 99% hyip sites and you should not waste your time and hard earned money investing it in this site. If you haven’t had any luck in finding a legit way to earn online or if you are a newbie click here and check out my #1 reviewed, scam free and time tested site you can use to make money online. You can also check out my review on an hyip site that has been paying since 2017 and has a good reputation online. So below are my findings on what is Gemneon.io.


Reasons why you should not invest at Gemneon.io

There are a number of reasons why you should not invest at Gemneon.io. These reasons are also the reasons why Gemneon has been labeled a scam site or let us just call them the signs of a scam site that the site has displayed. NB* This criteria has been used over and over again and not once has it come out wrong, it always proves to be correct every single time. So below are some of the reasons.

1. Company doesn’t exist

Every HYIP site claims that it belongs to such and such a company and so every scam does the same. You should not let that get over you, even if the company is registered in the UK or wherever ( these sites usually register comoanies online in the UK becaus it is the cheapest and easy ) that doesn’t mean a thing, there are thousand s of scams that have registered companies, just to make it look legit, its only a few bucks they lose so they can scam thousands of dollars.

Gemneon.io says it belongs to a company called Gem Investments limited which is registered in the UK and also provides a registration number for the company. So using this information you can look up the company to see if it exists on the UK companies book website and since they said feel free to look this company up I did. There are 3 companies with that name and none with the registration number or company number given so as far as we are concerned the company doesn’t exist.

I don’t know if you are really willing to send money to a company that doesn’t even have any address. It is just a claim, no certificate of incorporation is given, no phone number to call, no real people. Real people? This gives us something else we can point at. Fake identities and fake personalities.

Fake identities

It is almost impossible to find a site that has names of the owners or masterminds attached to it, especially when it has anything to do with people’s money or even more when it is an hyip site. Here Gemneon.io gives us pictures of people and a little information about them and what they do and their part or position on the site. That is real good but we need to know if this information is valid, honest or just part of the scam.


Everyone that has any social network account, excluding What’s app of course, has some details or at least can be found when you type the name on Google or on any search engine. So since there are about 8 people whose pictures and names are given and who are said to be the experts behind this site all we have to do is simply type in the name or add their occupation and see what Google gives us about them.

Click image and create a free account

You can just type in your name or someone else’s and you will at least get some information about yourself but of all the 8 names none of them seems to match any of the people and some names and surnames don’t even exist anywhere in the world. The other names are names of Celebrities. Any picture can be used and these faces can be faces of actually people who get paid for such jobs, there are quite a lot people who get paid for fake testimonials and stuff like this.

3. Unrealistic returns

First of all there is no such a thing as getting paid forever by hyip sites. Also form my statistics the  sites that have been labeled as paying so far and are paying don’t pay that much. Sites which promise returns like these always come out scams because it can’t be done but they just use it as a trick to get people to invest. So far the sires that have been labeled as legit and are still paying offer around 0.5$ per day and this means you wait for about 200 days to get back what you would have had invested, before you start getting profit.





What do you think about what is gemneon.io? Do you think this site is a scam just like the rest or it could be something new and legit? Please leave a comment below to share your views and experiences and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck

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