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A review of investhour.club. What is investhour.club?

Hello and welcome to my review of What is investhour.club. In this review I am going to be trying to help those who are still thinking on whether they should invest in investhour.club or not. If you have questions like is investhour.club a Scam, legit, honest, fake, genuine, good, bad, real, trustworthy or fraudulent site then this is the right review for you.  By the end of this review the reader should be able to decide on whether they should really entrust their hardly earned cash into this site.

At scamzeroed we do not recommend that our readers invest in online sites because of these sites are not only very risk but also most of these are scam sites and one should try by all means to stay away from them. As said by almost all high yielding investment program sites or investment sites, there is always a huge risk involved in all online investment programs. This should be enough to scare you away from such sites. As scam zeroed you will also get access and get to know about some most recommended online sites to make money from which have been reviewed and tested

What is investhour.club ? Is investhour, club a Scam?

A scam investment site is a site that is illegal, dishonest and uses deception to steal people’s money. On what is investhour.club we are going to be investsihating the status of the site whether it is illegal or legal and whether it is a scam or a legit site.

When investigating a site we do not only consider what some investors say about it or payments of proof or what hyip monitors say about the site. This so because this is usually misleading, a few individuals may be paid when they invest and this will be a way to get them to refer more investors and this is the same with hyip monitoring sites, so when you want to make an investment decision it is important to look at other staff also.

Experience has taught us all these lessons, many sites that have been labeled legit and paying by monitoring sites have scammed so many people and just because one person has been paid does not mean everyone else gets paid. You will need to look at the details of the site, the company, the age, the owner and also the ability of the site to pay the promised returns even in the long run. Now let us look at whether this site is a scam or not.

Trust percentage is very low



Although all Hyip sites or investment sites are very risky and cannot be fully trusted, this site is unusually untrustworthy.  This is largely influenced by the fact that it has no real reason it should be trusted at all. It is an individual’s site and not company owned, the owner of the site’s details are not given anywhere are all, even the returns can be used as a way make the site more realistic than others but with no company this just makes it more suspicious. DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY IN THIS SITE, IT IS HIGHLY RISKY . The risk is higher than the reward.

Like i have already mentioned hyip sites are risky, everyone of them, they may be legit today and scam tomorrow. Look for something you can really lean and depend on. If you are interested please click here to check out our last post on scam free ways to earn online.




1. No legal entity

Okay one of the first things you should check when you want to invest is to which company does this site belongs. After that you then have to check the existence of the company and verify that the company really does one the site. Lying about the company name or using other companies names or Fake names is the new and common norm for scam sites.

Well investhour.club comes out in the open that this site does not really have any company. So this means your investment is not secure at all, the availability of a company is what ensures that your money is safe. Also this means that the site is not really a legal thing. This is just personal transactions where you just have to trust each other and that is it.

2. No real personalities

Here I am just talking about hidden identities. No one knows who owns this site. Like ideas just saying on the previous paragraph, this is just you and a person you do not really know. There is nothing known about the owner of this site and you are supposed to trust him or her and there is no company either. Investing on such a site would be the worst mistake one can possibly make.

For all I know all scam sites I have had to review before  had the same feature, hidden identities. The reason is pretty obvious that when they steal people’s money they can’t be traced. You are dealing with the unknown. It is mandatory that a site when it is registered it should also give details of it’s owner if it has anything to do with people’s money and this site doesn’t have all that.

3. The site is a new site

Just because a site is new doesn’t make it a scam, however it does make it untrustworthy. You can’t trust a new site because they may just be sites created for the moment and with no time tested online reputation. The thing about time is that it exposes scam sites,  they can’t go for long without being detected and deleted so the trick is never invest in a new site . Investhour.club was created on 1 December 2018 so as at date of post it is still very young and of course it won’t live for long either.



Other ways to earn online

If you are still in search of other ways to earn online we have our #1 recommendation , reviewed and completely scam free way to earn online. Thos site is not an investment site but gives you on the job training and a platform to build your own online business online.




The question as to what is investhour.club has been answered. This Site is most likely an upcoming scam, one of the many online scams that have been created in the year 2018.and will continue to be created in the year 2019. Do not fall for these scams, stay off their pitch and stay safe. If you have any questions ease leave a message in the comments section below.

Stay safe

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