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Welcome to scamzeroed.com’s review of what is fasterhyip.com

Welcome to this review of fasterhyip.com where we get to investigate the legitimacy of the site. This Site does not have any online reputation and is one of the many Hyip sites that are being created daily. After having done a lot of reviews and investigation of such scams we highly discourage people to invest money in these sites, especially amounts that they cannot risk losing. If you have questions like what is fasterhyip.com, is fasterhyip.com a scam, legit, fake, honest, good, bad, genuine, real, trustworthy or fraudulent site then this investigation is for you.

Please take note that scamzeroed.com does not encourage anyone to be an investor at an online investment site because of the fact that most of these prove to be scams either at the end of at the beginning. Payment to members at first may just be a way to get them to invest more or a way to get them to refer others who will get scammed. These sites are highly risky and it is very unlikely that investors get paid their money in full. As stated by these sites, there is a risk involved in all Hyip or investment sites. Now let us check the legitimacy of this site.

What is fasterhyip.com? Is this site a scam or legit investment site?

Now to understand what is fasterhyip.com we had to look at a couple of things that we look at when investigating all online ways to make money. As this site is still new it has no online reputation but at scamzeroed we investigate sites and warn people of them before they get scammed. This review is 100% correct be assured and fasterhyip.com is a scam. Now like mentioned in the last paragraph, here we do not recommend hyip sites as there is always a chance of being scammed. Click here to check out our review on scam free ways to earn online.

Obviously there is need to justify why this site has been labeled a scam here and we are going to be discussing reasons or signs that show that the site is a scam. Remember a scam is an illegal and dishonest cunning way used to steal people’s money. If some hyip monitors have labeled this site legit which I doubt, please keep in mind that these scam sites may pay hyip sites that invest in them so that they can get more referrals from them. This is a way used to use the disadvantage for their advantage. DO NOT INVEST IN FASTERHYIP.COM.



Here are some reasons why you should not invest in fasterhyip and also signs that the site is a scam.


1. The company claimed does not exist

This is the most common thing scam sites usually do, they look for a company name they can take a hold of and use as their own, or some company details. Now the site claims that fasterhyip.com is a registered company in the UK on its about page. So we checked the validity of this information and found out that there is no such company registered in the UK.

If you want to verify this, look it up in the companies house website, every registered company will be listed and it’s information can be found in it. Other than that, the site also gave a company number and you can use that to try to find the details of the company on the the companies house website. The company number does have a company listed and this company is called Jokerpays limited and there is no think between these too. This company was actually dissolved on the 6th of February and does not exist anymore.

Well if you are going to invest in a site make sure that the site belongs to a company, that does ensure the security of your investment. If there is no company find some other scam free site you can use to earn online.

2. Unrealistic investment plans

If you have come across some investment sites you can think this figure is small but remember that these investment plans are hourly earnings and not days or weeks or anything like that. 15% per hour for 10 hours means you get 150% of what you have invested in less than a day and that is not realistic, not online, not in the real world, not in comining. So in a full day it is over 300% profit. Just in one day?

Look at the real traditional investment firms and use that to check if these are realistic, this is not a charity site it is actually looking for ways to earn online and those return a promised will make sure that the site forever runs on an increasing loss.

Though the site has a minimum investment of $1, it may look like it is an act of kindness when it is actually deception and a way to discourage you from investing a few bucks. Why? Because the only plan which has a least of 1$ yields very little profits and you won’t want to invest in it, if you do invest they may pay you so that you can refer people or so that you can  invest more.

3. The site is a new site

If you were paying attention you might remember that I mentioned that this site is one of the many sites being created daily as money making sites. Maybe I didn’t mention that these sites always prove to be scams, they scam a lot of people before they just dissappear.

One rule when dealing with investment sites is that you should never invest in a new site. Let the site grow and get time tested. Look for time tested online sites to help you make money and if these are investment sites try something that is at least a year or older. This Site started operating on the 3rd of December 2018.

4. Hidden identities

One last important thing is that the owner of this site is not identified so why should one truth the site to invest in it. It is like lending a person you just met once in a foreign country and expecting returns when the person has lied about their name and where they come from. You cannot do that. The site was registered with no details of it’s owner and all scams always hide their true identities.



If you want to try out our most recommended sites to earn online we recommend the wealthy affiliate platform. This Site is time tested, has been helping people build their own business online since 2005 and it is actually scam free according to our review. Try out wealth affiliate below.




The answer to what is fasterhyip.com is clear, this site is a scam and won’t be online for very long, have nothing to do with it. If you have had anything to with site and have already been scammed please let us know and expose this scam. Of you have any questions concerning this site or wealthy affiliate or any site you have come across please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Good luck

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