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In this review I’m going to be looking at Maybe you have been looking for some ways to boost your lifestyle online or to supplement your traditional income and came across and just ain’t sure whether you should invest in this site or not. If you have question like what is, is a scam, legit, real, honest, good, bad, trustworthy, fraudulent or genuine high yield investment site then this is the right review for you. This will be an eye opener and help you on your investment decision on whether you should invest in or not.

Now at scamzeroed we review so many sites and try by all means to find what is best for out readers and what they should avoid. You will find out that does not promote any hyip sites because of the risk involved with these sites. Take note that every HYIP site has risk involved and if you are not ready to lose your money then you should not invest in this site at all. We also have a review we created on scam free ways to earn online. To check it out click RECOMMENDED AND REVIEWED SCAM FREE WAYS TO EARN ONLINE HERE. review. Is a scam? is one of the many new online ways to make money sites. Such sites are known as High yielding investment programs or just online investment sites. Now if you haven’t been that much online i recommend that you look for other ways to earn online. These sites usually turn scam without any notice even after some have been labeled legit. Now in this this review I’m going to be sharing with you my findings, details and view on the legitimacy of this site.

If you thought you had everything figured out and that you would invest $100 dollars one day and get back $550 or $1300 then you may want to rethink and really look closely on this faceless and untrustworthy site. The site has nothing that can really make you believe it can pay you back your returns. If this isn’t a 100% greedy and evil site like most of these sites turn out to be then a few people may be lucky and be dealing with a ponzi scheme. Now I’m goin to explain to you if you have no idea what a ponzi scheme is and how it operates and what kind of a scam it is.

What is a Ponzi scheme.

These sites were name after the founder of this way of making money, a scammer. What happens is that people are made to put their money at risk and the owner of the site puts nothing at risk. There won’t be any real business taking place, it is just you sending money to the site. Sometimes ponzi schemes may pay you in their first days or some of the days. They don’t pay you or whoever gets to be lucky using any money from actual business. What they do is they pay some investors with the money they get from the other investors and so you may find that a few people will be saying the site is legit whilst others say it is a scam.

A good example of investors that get paid are hyip monitors, since hyip monitors expose these sites, when they invest to check the legitimacy of the site they get paid and this helps the scam to get good publicity. Good publicity means more people invest in the scheme and more people get scammed. It is a way of making the good shepherd lead the sheep to the slaughter.

Reasons why you should not invest in

1. Company existence

The security of your investment is based on the existence of a real company. If there is no company then you are dealing with an individual and those are dangerous waters to tread on. So doesn’t really have any company associated with it so far. just you and a person behind a site. Well good thing is this site doesn’t claim any real company or use fake details of companies that don’t exist like most sites do but this doesn’t make it any better, fact remains there isn’t any real company

2. Hidden personalities

Just because it is an online investment doesn’t mean you don’t have to know who exactly you are giving your money to. Like I already mentioned earlier on this is a faceless site, there is no one you can really say is a big part of owmer of the site. The only people you can get to know their names are some of the investors and that doesn’t do you any good.

Okay if we met in town or in a mall or wherever and I asked you for money and never gave you my name, covered my face and told you we should meet tomorrow at the same place and I would give you back your money with interest would you buy that? Of course not, so why would you think these guys whoever they are would pay you back. They have tried by all means to make sure you don’t get to know anything about them. When the site was registered, it is mandatory that the owner of the site should be identified but these records don’t exist either.

3. Unrealistic returns

If you have looked at the promised returns then I’m sure you can tell the returns are unrealistic. Money will always be money, it will always be hard to get and you have to work hard for it and even In investing the interests should be realistic.

135% in one day is almost impossible. 1000% after 2 days should scare you aware. There is no way the site or company can pay that without going broke and running on an abnormal loss in a few days. The site isn’t a charity work thing after all. Don’t get deceived.

4. Age of site

The site is a new site, one of the many new sites that are being created everyday. How is it going to pay such returns?

Top recommendations

It is evident that this site is a scam and only after your money. If you are looking for online Jobs to earn online that are time tested and legit and reviewed you may want to try out SUPERPAY.ME , the site pays for different online Jobs and surveys and it is a get paid to do site. Click here to acces SuperPay.Me. Or you can try out wealthy affiliate, the site can teach anyone how to create a 4 figure monthly passive income generating business online on its platform.


In this review it is evident that the site is a scam and won’t live for long before it dissappears with people’s money. So you think this site can be legit, if you have had any experiences with this site please leave a comment and let us know.

Good luck

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