What is Gracige.com : Scam or legit?

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Gracige.com review

Hello everyone and welcome to our review of the online store Gracige.com. The site is one of the online stores that has been getting questioned by a number of people who want to know if they are a scam or a legit online store.

In this review we will be looking at a number of items to help us assess if they are a legit site or not and already we have determined the site to be a risky site and not worthy of your trust or your money. If you are one of those who had some encounter with this online store we look foward to hear from you as to whether these guys are fake or real. Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy from them.


Why you shouldnt buy from Gracige

Gracige.com is a site that was created on 19 June 2020. That is quite a long time but it looks like the site wasn’t operational so as at date of review there are no customer reviews but if have bought from them please leave a review in the comments. However the site is therefore still too new to be trusted.

We saw that they are also using an email address that is associated with multiple scam sites and also the email address has been reported as an email address used by scammers. The email address is exhibiBow5488@gmail.com. This is the only contact details they have given so clearly they are doing all they can to hide their identity.





There are many other reasons which we may not discuss because of time and some which we may have missed but there is no doubt that this site isn’t worth buying from if you don’t wanna get scammed. Please let us know your views in the comments section and good luck.

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