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What is is an online store that is claiming to be selling some real good quality Nike sneakers at some real good low prices. I didn’t really know about this online store until some just asked me if this was a legit site selling Nike sneakers.

I’m pretty sure you too have the same question and already you don’t really trust them because of these too good prices. Well in this review this is what we shall be talking about, the fakeness of this online store and how and why you shouldnt buy from them. Below are some reasons why you should keep away from


Is it a scam

No doubt that is a fake and fraudulent online store. They claim to be selling these Nike sneakers at prices which are way too low compared to how much they actually cost in official Nike stores.

They sell a sneaker that costs over a hundred bucks for as little as 18 bucks and that is just too good to be true. They dont even have any contact details either so you can’t call them or visit their store or office becauseĀ  they don’t even have such and they don’t wanna be known. was created on 8 September 2020 and that is just a few days ago and no one has bought from them and received anything.





There are so do many reasons why you shouldn’t trust and no reason at all why one should. The site is a scam and won’t be online for long as They are registered for the shortest term available which is 1 year registration but they will most likely go ghost before that 1 year is done. Don’t buy from them you will only be disappointed by not receiving anyhing or getting some very fake and disappointing items.

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