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What is

Down bottom fashions presents itself as a site that is in the sell of clothing and other fashion items such as jewellery. Well what sites tell you they are isn’t really what they are and in this case we want to see if is a real legit online store that is selling fashion and jewellery or are they just another scam site that is after people’s money.

Well after taking a look at this online store we realised they have a number of scam signs on them that really make them a bad own to buy from. Here are some of the scam signs


Scam signs

The domain name was bought in 2019 on the 7th of November 2019 and this makes the site a little old enough to be trusted but we looked them up and never found any review or history of anyone who ever bought from them. This means the site might have most probably not been active.

The registration will expire on 7 November 2020 and if they fell they have scammed enough people they might not be back but if they feel business is still good with the old site they may even reregister the site for another year. Their prices are too fake for the Yeezy shoes and other items and they don’t have any contact details and this is a common way of hiding scammers identity.




Conclusion isn’t a site that you would want to buy from. The chances of getting scammed on the online store are pretty high and if you buy you may have scammers end you fake counterfeit items or they might not even send you anything and go away with a lot of people’s money. If you have been scammed or have more questions about what is please leave a message.

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