What is Goldplus.pw : Goldplus.pw scam exposed

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What is Goldplus.pw Introduction

After having had done a lot of reviews on hyip or what are commonly known as investment sites I just thought to would help someone to make this review of Goldplus.pw. Have you been thinking of investing at Goldplus.pw and just wasn’t sure whether this would be a good idea or the worst mistake you could ever make? Well, this review will help you and give you all the information you need to make your decision and tell you whether the site is a scam or not, it will answer all the questions you may have concerning this site such as what is Goldplus.pw, is Goldplus.pw a scam, legit, trustworthy, genuine, fake, honest, fraudulent, paying, good or bad investment site.

What is Goldplus.pw? Is it a scam?

Over the past years there has been a huge increase in the number of hyip sites being created. Although this could have had been a break through to many people this is actually what is holding them down, 98 % of these high yielding investment programs or investment sites are actually Scams, people looking for money by stealing it from other people through deception. This is the story of Goldplus.pw, it is just one of the 98% heartless and selfish people who don’t care about anyone else except themselves. When there is a bogus dollar, there has to be a genuine dollar somewhere, I’ll tell you about the one in a million HYIP legit site I came across, time tested.


This is what I shall be proving to you in this review, with the best of people’s interests at heart. If you are newbie in the online making money Niche I would advice that you try out making money the WA way. This Site is a legit and honest site that teaches people how to make real money online, passive income, 4 figure per month ( of course depending on how well you are doing), at this 100% scam free and time tested site anyone who is ready to do as said and follow instructions can hit 3 figure passive income, every month after approximately 3 to 6 months and it will grow to 4 figure every month in approximately 5 to 9 months. Join for free and you will be my responsibility as I also help you out with some aspects. Click here to Join WA.


Red flags that the site is a scam

Here I’m going to be showing you some of the things that prove that this site is a scam. I have used these things and many other things to make my investment decisions ( though I’m not really into hyip sites) and this criteria always works so well, works better than what ant testimonial could say.

Fake Company

This site claims that it belongs to a company called Gold Plus.Pw which is in the UK. Of.course almost every HYIP scam claims it is in the UK, do you know Why?  Because you can register a company in the UK from wherever you are, online, and it is also the cheapest online company registration as it costs just about 15 pounds the last time I checked and the existenceof a company makes the scam look a little more legit and serious.

However in the UK there is no company registered by the name Gold Plus.Pw limited. There was at different times 2 companies by the name Gold Plus limited but all of these 2 were dissolved and no longer exists. There however exists one by the name GoldPlus Asset management which isn’t the site’s company since the site claims the company was made in 2017 and the one that was made in 2017 was dissolved in 2018 and this site was created January 2019.

Unrealistic returns

The payment plans at Gold Plus are quite good. Very seductive and they look to good to be true to. Don’t you think so too? We are right. The returns that the site promises cannot be attained in any form of business, not by the site, not by anyone. They are just there to try to manipulate the people and to try to persuade people to invest in their scam so that they can scam them. I know everyone loves money and i do too and wish it was real, everyone would be financially fit and the world would be such a better place but this isn’t the way people make money online, those returns don’t exist, huge returns are okay but not those.

The least paying plan pays 320 % per hour. Maybe you may think well it isnt that huge, in 10 hours that would be 3200% retunes in 20 houra that would be 6400%, within a day 7 000%? In sure you agree with me that that is insane and totally fake. The highest paying is 440% making it over 10 000% in just one day. If it was legit the whole world would be full of  millionaires and billionaires in just one month.

Hidden identity

After all the unrealistic returns and fake company the site still expects us to believe this site is legit when they are hiding their real identity. No one knows the person hiding behind the name Goldplus.pw. No contact details are even given, they are said to be for VIP only and that is a very lame excuse.

I wouldn’t trust a person I don’t know to give him any money and let alone if he is trying g to hide his identity. At WhoIS the name of the person who registered the site is not given either, even though this is mandatory. It is always that way with any scam, they never want you to know who they are, no thief would want you to know who they are.

Do legit HYIP sites exist?

I had the same question before and I knew they was a chance of getting paid by a scam site that practices the ponzi scheme of paying older investors using the money they get from new investors, but the scheme always falls quickly and the scammer takes the lot of what is left of the investor’s funds and disappears with people’s money. There are a few sites that do that.

But then I came across this company called DER and it has an HYIP site that has been in existence since 2017 and has many investors and not one scam report, all those who have invested agree with me that the site is legit. This is the first review that I ever labeled an HYIP site as legit and you can check all my reviews and you will confirm a that. Click here to check out my review of this legit HYIP.


This brings us to the end of this review of What is Goldplus.pw. Goldplus.pw is a scam site just like the other 98% scams that are out there. I don’t know if there is any one who thinks this site is legit. If you think so or have something to say or have been scammed by this site please help us be of help to others by letting us know in the comments section below.

Good luck


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