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Hello, this is Donny and I’m going to be taking you through this Review. With the reader’s interests at heart I’m going to help you understand all you need to know about this site before you can say you want to invest in this site. This review is hopefully going to be an eye opener for all those with questions such as what is, is a scam, legit, honest, genuine, real, paying, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad investment site. If you have need of answers to all these questions then this is the right review for you. Review. Is deposit income a scam site?

If you know anything about HYIP sites them in sure you would agree with me in this review that this site is a scam. A quick look at it can tell you so. 100% scam, do not waste your money by investing at because you won’t get paid back for your investment. If you are a newbie in the online money making sector then I would advise you try out something else, time tested and totally scam free, like affiliate marketting the Wealthy Affiliate way. Obviously if you do not know about HYIP sites them you may end up with a broken heart after being scammed a lot of money.

If you are looking for a legit and time tested investment site or hyip check out my review on one legit hyip site that I think is 1 in a million site. Has been online since 2017 and has never had any complaints, has never been shut down, has never had people calling it a scam, all the stuff said about it are positive and obviously it is impossible for a scam hyip site to live that long and never have even one scam report. Click here to check out my review.


Reasons why this site has been labeled a scam

There are quite a number of reasons why has been labeled a.scam site and these reasons are without a shadow of doubt. I’m going to further show you some of these things so that if you do choose to invest in the site you are fully aware of the risk and of the status of the site. Below are some of the reasons why you should not think of ever investing at

 Scam reports

Deposit income hasn’t been online for  a long time but already this site has some complaints of having scammed people of petty cash. When ever you see a site that has bad publicity then you should know you won’t be an exception, these scam sites are not respecter of persons, they scam every bit of money that can get their hands on if they don’t intend to do it the ponzi scheme way and live a little longer.

Walon, a newbie member at Beermoneyforum is one of the testimonials against and he decided to have a say when the question was asked whether this site was a scam or not this is what he said

Depositincome is a complete scam and i am the victim of this snake admin.
I did 30$ plan that returns 600% after a day.

I got balance in my account after 30 hours and it was just a display , not real.
I was told to deposit 150$ more to withdraw 180$ WTF…

He also left some pics of this scam act and by the way who would do such a silly thing as tell an investors to add another 150 bucks to withdraw 180 when he invested $30. Mathemetically that means even of they had paid him the 180 there wasn’t any profit. Obviously this site is a foolish man’s scam.

Unrealistic returns

This is the other thing that should scare you off. This is the first thing you take note of when you hear of an investment site of course, the promised returns. Are they realistic? Do they look too good to be true? When you come across a site.with returns that are TOO good then you need to be very careful, don’t let that deceive you into investing, those are just figured written down to share you I to the little scam net. promises that one can make 600% in one day. That is too huge and too unrealistic, it cannot be done. As if that wasn’t enough they also go on to say you can make 600% returns in one hour and obviously that is insane, there is not one such profitable business in the world, not even the riches people in the world can make that amount of money in one day. As if that too wasn’t enough , I don’t know who they think would be foolish enough to believe they can get 600% returns in a minute. Not even the dumbest person should believe that.

No company and no contact provided

There is no business associated with this site although it does try to make people believe that it is an existing company. There is nothing to prove that except some fake members of the company or the leading team which is obviously just some people hired for fake testimonials ( real faces and fake names) or some people that don’t even exist or some people who don’t even know their faces are being used by a scam.

The contact number has been labeled as for VIP only and for a site that has anything to do with people’s money that is just insane. The links to the social media pages of the claimed leading team and of the site itself don’t work, they only refresh the page you are on. Why? Because it is only there to try to make the thing look legit.







It is quite obvious and clear that of all the hyip scams in the world, depositincome is just one of the dumbest, stupidest and childish of them all. I doubt this site will male any significant amount of money. I won’t ask if anyone thinks this site is legit.  Well, have you been scammed by this site, in this Review you can help us help others by dropping a comment in the section below.

Good luck

3 comments on “ Review : Scam site reviewed

  1. Stanley Armando

    Dear friends please avoid this deposit income investation scheme ( ) It’s a SCAM. I did deposit 30USD and it didn’t appear on my account until today. So avoid this website. They won’t reply to your emails after you deposit your money.

  2. QueenPearl

    Please avoid these sites and scammed me of $50 on May 1st, told me to deposit $350 which was my intended profit. told me to make another deposit $140 on May 31st after my deposit of $35 even after i sent them a mail asking if they did such, they said No. Please avoid these sites.

  3. mallisa

    They reply me after every massage that I sent to them. Again when I deposit my 150 dollar they said I got my profit although because of my IP address problem I can’t get the money. But I am really want. Is it safe


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