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Hello and welcome to my review of In this review I’m going to be helping all those who have been wondering whether they should invest at or whether this would be the worst mistake they could ever make woth their money. So if you have questions such as what is, is a real, honest, trustworthy, fraudulent, genuine, paying, legit, scam, trustworthy , fake, good or bad investment site then this review will of much help and o hope it will be an eye opener that will influence your investment decision in a way which is favourable and helpful to the reader. review. Is energy systems a scam site?

Energy systems is what can be known as a high yielding investment  program or hyip site. Sadly these sites are the most popular scams there has ever been online. Everyday new HYIP sites are created and everyday they dissappear with people’s investments. Obviously not every site is a scam, some try their best to do real business and make a living out of the people’s investments whilst they also pay back the investors. This site isn’t one of those that have such intentions at mind as you shall see in this review.

Energy systems is a scam site that has only selfish motives and no heart for others.  After reading this review i hope you won’t fall into the ditch that some people have already fallen into because of this site. Quite a number of people have already issued out complaints after being scammed by and more will be scammed too.

If you are a newbie in the online making money sector I suggest you try out the home of affiliate marketting, a site that is scam free and even though you may have to work to earn, the rewards are quite high. If you are interested in HYIP sites then I also have a review on a legit hyip site that you can try out, time tested and paying OR you can try out the home of affiliate marketting and also read my review and see which one suites you better.






Why has been labeled a scam

There are quite a number of reasons why I say you should not invest at  energy systems. Despite the fact that I’m against hyip sites because 98 % of them are scams I also do acknowledge that here and there people come across legit hyip sites and here and there people get lucky and get paid by scams just to make sure that they get some they can scam more people. Below I have written a few reasons why this site is a scam.

Scam reports

There are quite a number of reports from people that have been scammed by this site and only one claims the site ever paid. This is the main way you can use to know if a site is a scam or not, look at what people who have invested at the site have to say about it and has quite a number of critics who have invested in it . So below is a screenshot from some of the comments on a YouTube video that claimed the site is a legit investment site and evidently it isnt so.












Fake Company details

Even though the site claims that it belongs to a company registered in the UK, research will prove this to be otherwise. This Site does not have any company associated with it and no company, means no business, no business means no profits are made and no profits means no returns can be given to the investors. Now you probably want to know how I can be so sure that the company doesn’t exist.

If you look closely at the certificate of incorporation they displayed at the site you will realise that the company name was forged onto the picture. Since all registered companies in the UK are listed on the companies house website this company should also be seen by there is no company with the exact name and exact date that they claim the company was registered in 2009. The certificate may be a fake picture or one that belonged to another company that they found on the internet of wherever thanks why you will find that the certificate is not clear at all, except the date and the company number.

Site is still too new to be trusted is also still new to be trusted. If you feel that you can stand a chance of getting paid back the amount you will have had invested then I suggest that you invest only the amount you can risk losing. Otherwise my first rule when it comes to high yielding investment programs is never invest in a new site. This is because new sites usually prove to be scams and disappear after a very short period of time.

Is there a chance of getting paid of at

As at date of post there is at least one person who claims to have had been paid by This is very much possible and yes you can, even though the chances are slim you can get paid when you invest but this is usually done when your investment is only a small amount.

This is because these sites are ponzi schemes, they often at times pay older investors using the money they get from new investments. This way some people may get paid and others getting scammed and still the site will have more investors as they get more referrals from those that have been paid, but eventually the scheme dies down and the site disappears with lots of people’s money.



In this review it is quite clear that some people have already been scammed. Whether you get lucky or you get scammed doesn’t change the fact that the site is a scam, i won’t be investing in this site because I know it is a scam and most probably my money won’t come back. If you have had any experience with this site, please leave a comment so you can help us help others.

Good luck

9 comments on “ Review : Scam exposed

    1. Donny Post author

      Hello Carol
      This is what Hyip sites do, some get paid, especially in the first days of the site and then many get scammed you can also check what other scam victims are saying below
      Check scam review here

      Thanks for your response
      Good luck

  1. Ybett

    I got the pay out from my investment. The number one rule in any investment is roll only the amount you afford to loss.

  2. Carol

    * Personal feedback about my experience.. Yes I got paid back 3 times from the site but I still have doubts about it so what I did was when the profit is enough to reinvest, I took back my initial investment amount. Roll it for 3 days and guess what guys!

    “This login is not on the database”

    Haha! I knew it! Well I still earn a small amount though…. It is a scam guys! So be aware of it. Thanks!

  3. vitor

    SCAM! My experience on 04-08-2019. After registering and applying the minimum amount, I left the money yielding for 4 days and out of nowhere the account did not go more. There was no time for anything … I already knew it was fraud, but I thought the site would last a little longer.

  4. Leandro A Jorge

    they run for 4 days, stole our money and is coming back on 4/11, but will not return the money they stolen
    this is fake … ***SCAM***

  5. Vilmer Lund

    All the comments above are right it happened to me also I never trusted these people but this time I don’t know what happened, I first deposited $250 and then they transfer you to someone called your account Manager, he told me the money you deposited is not enough to invest and make profits and he told me if you deposit $10,000 your money will be insured and you will never lose them so I was convince and deposited and he told me don’t worry I am with you I will help you, you just listen to me. After sometime he text me on watts up and said i have good thing for you he called me and told that that have robot trading and it will trade for you automatically you don’t need to do anything you just see the profits you will make, so he told me to deposit $ 5,000 and I did so, after sometimes I discovered that he took the money I deposited for robot trading and he was doing trading and showed me the profits.. Again after sometimes he text me and told me we are doing great and I want to make our project bigger for more profits. This time I told him I cannot I don’t have money to deposit and I am satisfied with the money I deposited and profits I make, he did not like it.. And he kept calling and texting me everyday trying to convince me, then he came up with an idea he called me and said your insurance expired and you must deposit $7,000.00 to re activated or you will lose your account/money and was keeping calling and texting me everyday to deposit the money but I was keep telling him that I don’t have money and I have other expenses, he tried and tried and kept telling me you will lose your money I asked him to return my money back and close my account he said impossible you have to deposit first and was insisting not to pay any more so what he did he closed my account which I cannot log-in and see my money and he blocked me from watt up and disappeared after sometimes he sent me text saying your money is gone and you have nothing with us! So please don’t tell me they are the best. This is really unfair, we work hard Day and night to Feed our family and these ass holes come and take our money and control like its their money and they will never return them back to you. I’m working with Cynthia a lawyer to get everything back cynthiamboyce gmail com We have to find a way to stop them some people still don’t know. God bless you all.


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