What is glaxomarket.club : Glaxomarket.club scam reviewed

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Hello welcome to my review of What is Glaxomarket.com . Eye opener about this investment site.

After the end of this review one should be able to make a decision on whether to invest or not at glaxomarket.club. This review will be an eye opener for those who are still wondering whether this site is a scam or a legit investment site. The review is based on facts and a criteria that has been used to review many other investment sites and always proves to be correct. For those with questions such as what is glaxomarket.club, is glaxomarket.club a legit investment site, a scam, Good, bad, real, honest, trustworthy, genuine or fraudulent site then this is the right review for you.

You should also know that the slightest sign of a scam should be the thing that drives you away from a site. Just one thing that looks fishy should help you make a decision. This is because of the large number of scams that are being created everyday in the name of making money online sites and mainly investment sites and PTC sites.

Try by all means to keep away from investment or yhe so called high yielding investment sites such as glaxomarket.club. like they all say, in every HYIP site there is a risk of losing your funds and most of the times, these sites always prove to be scams. To get access to a scam free way of making money online click the button below



What is glaxomarket.club? Is This site a scam? What is a scam

Now for us to understand what is glaxomarket.club whether glaxomarket.club is a scam or not one should first understand what a scam is, characteristics of a scam and how to identify a scam. Scams always come up with fake details.

Scams at times can be identified by the very unrealistic profits that they promise though at times wiser scams try by all means to as realistic as possible so that people don’t get suspicious. Hidden identities are also common, they are actually one of the major ways to detect a scam. Last but not least scams are usually illegal and unregistered companies.

Now using the above picture let me just say the investors are the Nigels and Simon is glaxomarket.club.There are quite a number of reasons why I’m saying that this site is a scam and you should not invest in it. To make you understand it more let me try explaining some of the few things I found out about glaxomarket.club.

1. Glaxomarket.club is using fake company details it does not have any company involved

Well if you have read the about page of the site you are made to believe that the site belong to a company in the UK know as PrimeForex LIMITED. Now this is actually part of the scam, so that when you believe this is a company thing then you can have more confidence in it and invest and then get scammed.

THIS SITE IS NOT CONNECTED TO PRIME FOREX IN ANY WAY. If it was then there would be a certificate of corporation  and before we even look at that does the company even exist? So to findnoyt whether the site exists at all we have to look it up on the list of companies registered in the UK, the companies house.

Yes the company did exist, the only problem here is that it no longer exists it was dissolved way back on the 4th of July 2017. So what does this imply, it simply means the site is a scam, cannot raise the money to pay it’s investors and your investment is obviously at risk.

So since the company doesn’t exist, this site is illegal in everyway. I don’t know how an illegal site and a site that is giving you fake details can qualify to be legit. Such sites from experience, a short distance in time will suddenly be out of existence, gone with people’s money.  This criteria is never wrong trust me.

2. Who does the site belong to

Already we have found out that the site does not belong to a company, this is just one person’s job and a way of trying to steal money from people. This isn’t what I’m taking about right now.

When a site gets registered the site if it is an investment site or anysite which deals with people’s moneyand goods it is mandatory that the site should give details about the owner. Now of course we know why this has to be done, just in case there is some illegal activity or misunderstandings or scam. Glaxomarket.club doesn’t have any information about it’s owner or creator at all.

You can look it up on Who is and you can also check on the about page of the  site. There are no real people or personalities mentioned. So if you get scammed, that’s it you have no one you can really. You can’t lend money to a person you don’t know can you? Neither should you invest with a stranger, investment woth glaxomarket.club is just as unsafe.

3. Site is too new

First rule when investing with any site is never invest in a new online investment site. The biggest scams are always coming from the new sites. One day it is legit and the next day it has turned scam, one day it is there and the next day the site no longer exists, gone with people’s money

Time filters scam sites. The more a site is investment the more people get to access it’s legitimacy. If it is a legit site of course it will show and if it is a scam of course in time it will come to the open. So you just have to wait for the site to gain a little bit of popularity online and you will get the answers.

This site was created November 2018 and has no popularity as yet. INVEST in a site that is time tested and has been online for at least over a year. With such sites you will not go wrong. If you want an online money making site that is time tested try out Wealthy Affiliate. No investments are needed.



Now I believe the question what is glaxomarket.club has been answered and this site is no where near legit.  If you however wish to try it out make sure you never invest the money you cannot risk losing, just as a precaution. If you have any questions concerning glaxo market or any other site please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon  as possible .

Good luck

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