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Welcome to my review of What is Bitwala.site 

By the end of this review one should be able.to make a well and wise, informed decision on whether to invest or not to invest in Bitwala.site. When thinking of investing in investment online sites it is always important to check on HYIP monitoring sites and also on the details of the site provided by scam reviewing blogs. If you have question such as what is bitwala.site, is bitwala.site a scam, Legit, real, fake, good, bad, genuine, honest, trustworthy or fraudulent site then this review will be an eye opener.

As from 2017 , the internet has been a playing ground for many scam sites, Paid to Click sites and also high yield investment sites commonly known as HYIP sites or investment sites such as bitwala. These high yield investment sites have been proven to be more of scams than PTC sites simply because all it takes is one decision and one button and you lose your money because of unrealistic high interest rates. Therefore one should be very cautious when it comes to online investment sites. Almost all of these , not all of them but almost all of them are scams and you should try by all means to keep away from such.

What is Bitwala.site? Is bitwala a scam or legit investment site.

If you still want your money then I suggest that you keep your money to yourself. So the question what is bitwala has been answered. Bitwala.site is a scam and is only aimed at getting your money and before you know it the site won’t be there.

Obviously this site will not be there in the long run and once it is satisfied with the amount of money it gets from scamming people that will be the last day you see the site that has your unreturned investments.

If you wish to make money online please be advices to keep away from investments sites. Investment scams take what you already have unlike PTC scams which just use you and don’t take away your money.

You can try out PTC sites such as NEOBUX and CLIXSENSE these are legit. If you are not satisfied with the little payments you get for your hard work from PTC sites you can try out this reviewed Scam free way of making money online without investing and clicking ads. This is my #1 recommendation. Works quite well.


Here are a couple of reasons why you should not invest with Bitwala.site

Of course there are reasons why I labeled this site a scam and if you feel that the review so far is inadequate please read on about the details of this site. I have done quite a number of reviews of many investment sites and have a criteria I use to check the legitimacy of these sites. It always works well, all the time I do a follow up of the sites I have reviewed and labeled scam you will find out that the sites are either no longer in existence or there are bunch of complaints on HYIP monitoring sites from people that have been scammed.

1. Site is TOO new

As unimportant as it may seem the age of a site does matter especially when the site is an investment site. One of the rules for investment sites is never invest in a new site. This is also very important considering the massive rise in investment scams on the internet

When you want to make an investment go for something time tested. Even a one year old investment site is still not old enough, 2 or more years old sites will do because scams cannot run away from the effects of time. Time reveals everything, through time all scams are filtered and exposed.

So even if a site seems Legit unlike out bitwala.site here, it is always important to first consider the age of the site. New clothes are fine, new cars are okay but don’t go for new investment site. Most of the times they always come out to be scams. Don’t be the victim.

2. Very unrealistic profits

This is major way to identify scams, scams offer you unrealistic interests which cannot be achieved even by the most profitable businesses in the world. I mean of course making money online is possible and investment sites can get you some profits but not that big and unrealistic.

Money will always be money and money will always be hard to get. There is no easy money, even in investing the hard part is the risk you are taking and at times the time you have to wait for the returns. Now let’s take a look at the investment plan offered by bitwala.site

34% per hour for 6 hours is huge. That is 204% of what you invested in less than a quarter of a day and given that you invest the whole day like I would do if it was legit that would mean around 800% of my initial investment. That is crazy don’t even think about it.

76% per hour for 6 hours, I won’t even talk about that. 106% per hour for 6 hours implies that a wise guy like me can get almost 2000% of initial investment in 24 hours. Now I don’t believe such a percentage even exists and making such a huge profit in a whole year would be such a big achievement. Even In Binary trade that is not possible. That is an insult to anything called money. If money was that easy to get we all would be billionaires, but instead people are poor out there because if such schemes.

3. There is no real identities and no real company proof

Whose site is this? No one knows. Does this company even exist? Many people don’t know but I do, it doesn’t, if it did there would be proof about it’s existence. I searched for all registered companies in the countries listed by the site and not one of them matched Market Beat ltd. The only close name was Beat the Market ltd a company in the UK.

If there is no company proof and no real person’s identity is identified then I don’t see a reason why the site should be trusted. There wasn’t even an effort to try to give a little detail about the owner of the site and the company. The site was even registered with details of the owner hid. That is not right for a site that has got anything to do with people’s money.

Now if you feel you need somethi g else that is legit here is another tried and true site that I will forever promote. Nothing can beat this, not even beat market limited.



You have a site that you have questions about and it is an investment site? Don’t struggle along please give me something to do and I’ll be happy to do a review for you. As for what is bitwala.site I think we are past that. Do not invest in it. If you have any further questions or contributions please leave behind a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Good luck

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