What is Forexshare.icu : Scam exposed

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What is forexshare.icu

Hello and welcome to my review of this site forexshare.icu. Have you been looking for ways to make money online and just came across forexshare.icu and was wondering whether this site would help you make some living by investing in it. This is what this review is all about, should you be trying to make a decision on whether you should invest or not. If you have questions such as what is forexshare.icu, is forexshare.icu a scam, honest, legit, paying, genuine, real, trustworthy, fraudulent, good or bad investment site the this review will be an eye opener and help you out with some of the legit and paying ways to make money online.


What is forexshare.icu? Is forexshare.icu a scam

Before having to write this review we had to take a look at the site and see how it operates and if you should ever invest your money with it.  The answer to what is forexshare.icu is pretty obvious and 100% sure that this site is a scam. The unrealistic returns, the fake company details and the lake of transparency should tell you all you need to know. After taking studies on all sites that later on scam people and run away with their money, forexshare does qualify to be a scam site. Don’t try to think of taking chances with forexshare, you will get scammed. If you are a newbie online and you are looking for legit ways to make money online then hyip sites should never be part of the deal, these sites are scams, the biggest and most common scams there can be. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ONE OF OUR MOST TRUSTED WAY TO MAKE REAL MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTING ANYTHING  OF COURSE EXCEPT YOUR TIME.


Forexshare.icu Ponzi Scheme

Forexshare.icu is what can be called a ponzi scheme or ponzi site. These sites have been in existence for quite some years now. Not all 9f them of course but I mean the scheme and the trick has been used thousands and  thousands of times by people to scam other people. I’m sure if you have been trying to look for ways online you also tool some notes and got to know about P9nzi schemes.


This is how Ponzi schemes  work

Ponzi schemes can be traced right into the 90s and frankly I think this way of scamming people was there even in the very very old days. These sites are created everyday and scam people everyday. The word ponzi scheme itself came from its founder, one of the biggest scammers the world has ever come across.

It is all about getting people to invest and then dissappear with people’s money. However most of the times when the ponzi site is offering returns which are a little more realistic and can be achieved it can last a little longer, even more than a year. This is usually done by having people to invest and these people are paid using the money that is also from investments. Say for example the investment level is 0.5% per day or 2% per day. 9t is easy for investors to be getting paid their money without the site having to worry about cash flow problems.

The older investors will be getting paid using new investors’ funds and more referrals may be obtained as people will be recommending this site to make sure that they reach their goals by investing at the site and since they see that they are getting paid they are misled to think it is legit. It is only being given what belongs to you and usually these sites will make sure they pay you back most of the money you invested but not all of it. Maybe 75% halfway they will stop, but it’s usually a lot more less than that, afyer a day or 2 you will start not getting paid, you won’t have had lost only your money but also have had lost time and opportunity to invest it or use it in other stuff.

Not all Hyip sites will pay you back the money you invest. Most of the rimes these sites just get your money and run when the amount of money reaches the amount they are satisfied with and of course go off again to create another hyip site.

Below are some reasons why you should not invest with Forexshare.icu

1. Fake Company

Scams always use fake company details to try to make the thing look legit. It is all about trying to deceive people into investing in their scam and when people see that the site has a company name attached to it they usually fall in to the trap. In this case the site claims thay it also has a company in the UK and it deals in forex. This is all just part.of the play to try to make you invest.

The site does not have any real company attached to it. You can look up the company number that has been given on the site and you will find out that it belongs to a company which was once registered in the UK but  was dissolved in 2017 and no longer exists. This is a trick that they use everyday because they know no one once they see that information will look it up. If the site is a legit site then why would it try to use details.of a company that no longer exists?

Unrealistic returns

This is what pulled you towards this site of course. You wanted to check on this site because you feel that the promised returns. Are just too good to be true. Over 250% returns in just 21 minutes. The timing is obviously one by a mad person. 533% in 3 hours is also an insane fake unrealistic returns . There is no way the site can pay you that much without running on an abnormal loss.



Obviously it is quit clear that this site is a scam. If you would rather find out by yourself what is Forexshare.icu then I suggest that you invest only the money you can risk losing. Of you have any questions, any prior experience with the site Please just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Good luck

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