Dillaxcoins.com Review : Is Dillaxcoins.com a scam?

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Dillaxcoins.com Review

Hello and welcome to my review of Dillaxcoins.com. Well in this review I’m not just going to be doing a review but I’m also going to be doing what I’m really good at, financial assistance and time management. So if you were looking for answers to questions like what is Dillaxcoins.com, is Dillaxcoins.com legit, scam, genuine, good, trustworthy, honest, paying, fraudulent or bad investment site then this review will be an all in one pack from a person who had been studying hyip sites¬† and knows just how they work and which are scams and which are legit?


Dillaxcoins.com Review. Is Dillaxcoins.com a scam??

Have you ever heard that HYIP sites are scams? Well that is true, it is quite hard to find a legit hyip site and so I’m against hyip sites, but I’m going to overlook all that in this Dillaxcoins.com review because I know of some hyip sites that have been around for quite some time over a year or 2 and have been paying their members. It could be a ponzi scheme ( payment of old investors by new investors funds ) who knows but fact remains that the sites are paying and living up to their word.

However if you are a newbie in the niche of looking for online ways to make money online here is my advice, keep away from hyip sites, look for something legit and time tested. So I have a site that I would recommend you to use. It is time tested, legit and scam free, one of the best ways I know of to make money online, but just not a quick money thing but given you are working on it you will make so much more money than you can at Dillaxcoins.com.


Should I invest at Dillaxcoins.com?

From me its a no. Is this site honest and trustworthy? From me it’s another no. I don’t see the point in investing in something that is new and that is hiding stuff about itself and using false information. If it wasn’t for the very little returns that the site promises I would have labeled it a scam right away but it could be some person who is just looking for money to start up a little something and pay back the investors and at the end of the day have had benefited from the people’s money¬† without having had scammed anyone. However below i have put down a few things that should point you against Dillaxcoins.com


Reasons why you should not invest at Dillaxcoins

1. Company mentioned doesn’t exist

Well if it does exist still it would be an illegal company because it isn’t registered. They claim that the company is registered in the UK and when you look that up you will find out that those are just statements and not true. I now understand why every HYIP site claims it is a comoany registered in the UK.

It is because wherever you are you can register a company in the UK even if the company doesn’t exist. All you need is a few dollars, about 19 pounds to register online and get a certificate of incorporation. So it is easier to use that information as proof of existence even though some just use the country because everyone else is doing it. There is no country in the UK by the name Dillaxcoins and nothing close to that.

2. Hidden identity

I know almost every HYIP site that I have come across has never really given out their identities but this is a necessity, it is mandatory that all sites that deal with people’s money should leave information about the owner. At whois you will find out that all sites will have the chance to do that but they just surpass all that willingly. This is why you shouldn’t trust an HYIP site especially when it is new.

Click image to check it out

You get scammed and you will never know who scammed you. You can’t give your money to a person you don’t know, especially if they do not have any reputation and this site doesn’t have any reputation either. It is just you walking straight into a dark cave, a dark cave that is known for scamming people, you can’t risk that can you?


Now let’s take a look at the returns offer, are they worth it?

O.21%? I know that the sites that usually pay their investors are those sites which pay very little returns like 0.5% but 0.21% from my own point of view is too small to risk your money. To get back only the money you invested you will need to wait for about 400 days, more than a year and that is not worth it, look for some bank thay can really keep your money for you and pays you interest rather than invest and get little returns and also risk losing the money because the site obviously is just going to run at one point, with people’s money.


2 alternatives you may want to consider

1. Alternative one

When I first started looking for legit ways to make money online i came across PTC sites and later on gave up on them and surveys to do and later on network marketting. Finally i got to know of affiliate marketting the Wealthy Affiliate way. It wasn’t really thay easy but it does pay, pays a lot too plus you get to make money using trusted online stores like Amazon so it is totally scam free.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create a website and attract thousands of visitors to the web, visitors that are interested in the product you are you promoting. From the thousands of visitors you will be getting every month you will have a percentage that will buy the product. So let’s say you are in one post promoting a TV set for 1 000 dollars and 12 people buy you get 100$ per sale (10% commission) and just 12 people make you get 1200$.

Average working members usually start going up the ladder after about 4 months and by the end of the year the passive income will be growing by the day as they teach you how to get trusted by Google to get top rankings. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways I know to make money online, if you are not lazy of course and if you can spare an hour or 2 per day or per 2 days.


Alternative 2

Maybe you are just interested in making money whilst seated home and without having to put in much work or you are just too occupied with other stuff here is another time tested HYIP site I would recommend. I’m hardly suggesting any hyip sites but this one is quite a time tested site. It was created in 2017. DER Global limited have an hyip site that pays 2.1% per day for 20 days and also other bigger plans but I would stick to the 20 day one because I feel more secure with it.

I have seen quite a number of other people who have invested with the firm and only one person online claims that he or she wasn’t paid for whatever reason but the site has tens of thousands of investors and you definitely should try it out. If you feel you can’t risk much the lowest you can invest is 10 bucks and see how it works out for you after after the 20 days.




There are many ways to make money online out there and many scams too. I advice you should go for something time tested and with good reputation. As can be seen in this Dillaxcoins.com review this site isn’t one of those. Of you however feel you need to try it out make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing, that is a basic rule when investing in hyip sites.

Good luck


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