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What is Fnshop.space

Cyber Theft

Fnshop.space is an untrustworthy online store that claims to be selling inflatable kids play set, above the ground swimming pools and some other water items. In this review we are going to be showing you that the site is a scam online store and that they are actually a copy of another scam site that is claiming to be sellimg the same items as they are. You are not advised to buy from the online store as this is only a scam site and after your money.

If you have already been at the store I’m sure you have also noted some scam signs which have kept you from buying from the online store and also you might have come across another site that you think is suspicious if you have please share with us and help us expose these scam sites. If you have been wondering what is Fnshop.space, is it a scam, legit, honest, fraudulent, good or bad below are some.of the scam signs that we think might just be of help to you that we found on the site.


Scam Signs 

1. Site is a copy of another scam site

The site is actually a copy of a scam site that ee recently did a review on. To be honest they are quite a lot of these sites that are looking exactly the same and are using the same theme and advertising the same stuff and selling them at the same price. On the site fnshop.space you will come across some pages such as contact us page and about us page that will mention Seashop.space.

What is Seashop.space? It is a recent scam site that is receiving lots of complaints after people have been scammed by the site and have bought from.the site and it hasn’t sent them their items. Clearly this was a copy and paste job where you just copy a website and put it on a different domain name. 100% Scam Sign.

2. Prices and items being sold

Like I already said the items have been  on sale on other sites which are scam sites since the past few weeks or 2 months. Whenever you see a site that is advertising these just know you are dealing with a possible scam site and leave. The prices are clearly too good to be true. How can they sell an item that costs 400 bucks for less than 100$? There is no doubt that is fake.

3. Fake contact details and hidden identity

The owners of the site have done a good job hiding their real identity except that they have exposed themselves to be the same scammers operating seashop.space and number of scam sites. They are using the fake contact details below which include a fake phone number and a fake address.


Email:  seashop.space@outlook.com

Address: 267 Batterson Dr New Britain CT 6053 US

Customer Service Representatives Are Available 24 Hours.




The site is a scam and not to be trusted. Those who buy from or any other site related to them will risk getting scammed not receive their items. Of you have also been scammed or have more questions on what is Fnshop.space just leave a comment below. Also don’t forget to report any other untrustworthy online stores you come across.

Good luck


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