What is Corlala.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Corlala.com

Cyber Theft

Corlala.com is an online store that claims to be selling garden items and swimming pools and related stuff and many other unrelated items as well. The site is new and ad soon as they start to advertise there are a lot of questions that have been given rise to because of the prices they are charging mostly. This is what we shall be looking at in this review as we assess the legitimacy of the online store.

If you have also come across the site, have had some experience or have any site that you think is suspicious do report them here and help us help others avoid scams. As you shall see in this review the site Corlala.com is a fake online store and not worth trusting so if you were asking what is Corlala.com and if they are legit or a scam or fraudulent I hope this review woll be an eye opener.

The truth about Corlala.com

Corlala.com is one of the many online stores that have been advertising on Facebook and other platforms. The site has also been referred to as a risky untrustworthy online store and are actually a scam site. Those who buy from the site will be greatly disappointed. There are quite a number of signs that the site is a scam and it is only a matter of time before people start complaining that they made payment and still haven’t received their items

The site is still too new to trust and according to the whois details.that we found the site was created on the 25th of May along with many other scam sites. They are selling off the ground inflatable pools which are also being sold and advertised by many other scam sites, not that this is wrong but they are also charging prices which are too good to be true for these items and many other products they are selling.  The site uses the contact information below which is insufficient, useless and fake and are hiding their identity.


Our lovely team of customer reps is always available to answer you! Please note that we aim to respond to every email within 24 hours.

Call us:140-245-6213

Address:1508 S Pine St, Hope, AR ,USA





Those who buy from Corlala.com will risk making a payment to a site that will not return the favour by sending them what they ordered. This site won’t be online forever or for long as always they will disappear when they expire or will be taken off met by the owners who are unknown. There is not even a company that is behind this and not even a phone number to call and all that they are showing on the site is all Fake and probably the same thing that is being given by many other scam sites. Be careful of these facebook advertising sites. For more on what is Corlala.com or to report a scam just leave a comment below.

Good luck

6 comments on “What is Corlala.com : Scam or legit?

    1. Donny Post author

      The only way would be to contact your bank or paypal if you used PayPal and set a dispute so they cancel the transaction. I’m sure they should be able to help you

    2. Lisha

      I called my bank and reported it. They said they was goina look into it. I guess they contacted the email that was on their site and the sent me and tracking number thru fedex but Fedex said they haven’t received any package from them to me so I just contacted my bank again and they are going to reverse my payment. I had to wait it out for 10 days though.

  1. Bernard Giles

    Bought a pool and slip and slide only got the pool paid for speedy shipping and only got the pool have not heard a response from them yet!!!

  2. Cecile M.

    I bought a 8 ft diameter pool from pepecenter.com, which lists the exact same customer support email (support@chiyannewmagpie.com). It was supposed to come with a pump, ladder, ground and pool cover. A month after having placed my order, still no pool, no answer from the customer service email listed, and bogus phone number, so I contacted my bank to cancel the charge, which they did after about a week. Almost 2 months later – I received a pool, 12 ft in diameter, no pump, ladder, or ground or pool cover, and three holes in the pool sidewall… Wow…


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