What is Coitem.com : Scam alert

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What is Coitem.com

Have you also been thinking about Coitem.com? The online store is a dressing store for women that has been advertising and claiming to be selling some other stuff such as inflatable kids play sets and pools and the like. I’m sure you have also come across Coitem.com and have been wondering whether this online store is a legit store or just another scam. In this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store and as you shall see the site is not legit.

Those who buy from them will risk getting scammed by the site. What other items did they claim to be selling and at what prices. I’m sure you also gave your reasons for not trusting the site enough to go buy from them straight without checking about them online. If you do just leave a comment below and share the red flag you saw on the site and if you ha e questions such as what is Coitem.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraudulent, good or bad site below you will find some scam signs that should warn you off the site.


Scam Signs

1. Items being sold

The items that are being sold on the site or being advertised are not related to the main objective of the site. The site is clearly a clothing store for women if you visit it any other way other than through the ads but then they advertise these items, kids play stuff which you won’t find on the site if you go there without clicking the link. You can even search for the items and won’t find them. In addition to that the same items are being sold and advertised by many many other scam sites currently and we believe these are the same scammers and ask those who have already bought from these sites they never receive the items, never ever.

2. Prices

The prices of the clothing are good prices, quite expensive, but the prices of the ads are too good to be true and this is why most people have been hesitant to buy from them. This is a common scam sign and you should never ignore it, and the site definitely is a scam when we look at these prices.

3. Age and ownership.

The owners of the site are not known and the site is also too new to even trust. The owners are hiding who they really are and they are doing this by giving fake information about them selves which includes a fake phone number and a fake address and the email doesn’t really matter as they can use these to buy some more time if you ever have a complaint or to send some fake tracking code.

The site was even created on the 30th of May 2020 and recently started to advertise. All these scam sites usually have these common scam signs and  are  too new to trust since the site is not even  a year old amd trusting such a site would be very risky. You can also check out these details on their whois page below.





The online store Coitem.com is nothing less than a scam. Just like many other scam sites that are advertising the same items or advertising on Facebook with these too good to be true prices and too new domain names. Of you buy from them you risk making payment and not receiving anything. If you have come across the site and have had some experience with them kindly share with us and help us help others whoat have any questions regarding what is Coitem.com and also report any scam sites here.

Good luck

2 comments on “What is Coitem.com : Scam alert

  1. Jimmie Branley

    Coitem.com is a scam just as Funterm.com. I saw a BBQGrill for 99.98 fake they only accept PayPal/ach payment.if your bank doesnt offer protection for ACH payments you loose that money and the scammer only accepts Pay Pal because its more than likely linked to your checking account and will pe processed as an ACH payment.you cant get your money back.

    1. Donny Post author

      Thanks Jimmie for sharing, we hope people take heed and don’t risk buying from the site.


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