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Introduction to what is jsbank.pw review

Hello and welcome to scamzeroed.com where we are going to be investigating jsbank.pw. Although this site is still new as at date we have more than enough information we need to find out whether the site is a scam or not. In this jsbank.pw review we are going to be looking at whether this site is really a site you can trust to invest your money in or it is just another scam site looking for money. We will answer for You, questions like what is jsbank.pw, is jsbank.pw a legit, fake, Good, bad, real, honest, trustworthy, genuine, or scam online investment site.

Now before we get started it is important for you to know that scamzeroed.com does not promote any high yielding investment program sites or investment sites because these have proved to be a scam and very untrustworthy site. Since January 2018 there has been a large increase in the number of online sites that are created in the name of making money online ways and almost all of these have proved to be scam. So we investigate sites as soon as they hit the net to avoid people being scammed by new sites. Now let us look into this investigation and find out whether this site is a scam or not.


Jsbank.pw review. Is Jsbank.pw a scam site

If you want to identify scam sites there are quite a number of ways to do it and these usually point out to the same answer. There are common characteristics of scams that you will find on every scam site and these are fake company details , hidden identities, fake contact information and usually unrealistic returns. When you use these you will find out that your jsbank.pw review will be more accurate than most hyip monitoring sites.

The thing with hyip monitoring sites is that when they invest in the site and have been identified to be a monitoring site they actually get paid. Why? Because this helps the hyip site look real and get a good reputation for a short while, short but enough to make people lose thousands on scams or even millions. So dont just look at what hyip monitors say, look into the details of the site and we have looked back on those reviews and found out that this is the trick now being used by scam sites, pay hyip monitors and get good publicity and more investors.

Now here we are not just helping you, but also trying to clear the name of a good company that is being misused by jsbank.pw. This Site is a scam and is using fake company details to try to get the trust of the people. That is why we don’t encourage our readers to invest in investment sites because they usually turn scam and win. Now if you are looking for scam free ways to earn online click here to check out our post on scam free ways to earn online.





1. Fake company details

The reason why scams use fake company details is so that they they look genuine and can gain the trust of the people. If they come with no company name very few people will be willing to invest in the site. So this site claims it is owned by jsbank, a financial firm in the United States and is this true? No.

Jsbank has its own website called jsbl.com and though it is a financial institution it is by no means willing to pay people such huge amounts and making a loss in the process. There is absolutely no link between the business and jsbank.pw and even on all the news on the company’s official website which contains all it’s old and recent information no where is there written anything about the hyip site.

2. Fake contact details

It is very unusual for scams to create and have real Facebook pages or Twitter pages because they know that the very first person scammed is going to go and post it on their Facebook page and they will lose all potential investors, so after realising the site had lied about the company we just couldn’t understand how come it had a Facebook page and Twitter accounts and stuff knowing that it will lead to their downfall.

So we just thought we should check on what is on the pages since it was displayed on the site ,” find is on Facebook.” I wasn’t surprised when we tried opening the Facebook page we got a message that the page you are looking for cannot be found and on Twitter there was nothing either. This is also used to make the site look genuine, just like the bag of money and good looking user interface of the site, it is all part of the Scam, to try to deceive people into investing.

3. Unrealistic returns

If this site is ever going to be a successful scam then there is need to change those promised returns. Anyone that is really a critical thinker and can reason can tell that those hourly returns are not realistic it all. I know that people can really make money online, huge money but not that kind of stuff.

The highest paying plan is said to be paying 118%  hourly of what you invest for 4 hours. Meaning just because you sent the site money the very next 60 minutes they pay you back more than what you will have had invested. 118% is not even possible per 4 hours and even per day, remember jsbank is a real financial institution and can pay interests of even 20% per year and not per month.

4. The site is new

Although it is obvious that the site is a Scam, an advice to those who may be thinking they may stand a chance is that you should never invest in a new site especially if it is an investment site. This is because these sites are scam 99% of the times.

Jsbank.pw was created early December of 2018 and for you to be at least on the safe side you should aim for sites that have been operating for at least a year. We say this because time is what filters away scam sites. Some scams may live for a month or 2 some for a few days and then dissappear after they have scammed people. This Site will obviously not live very long either, a few complaints will result in it being blocked by the hosting site or satisfaction will result in it’s disappearance.

Looking for scam free ways to earn online

We recommend that you check out the website above. It is a scam free way to earn online in that it helps you create your own income producing site and you don’t need to be a computer expert. It is called the home of affiliate marketers. Click on the image to try it out. If you have any questions on our jsbank.pw review please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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