What is Annsline.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Annsline.com

Annsline.com is a relatively new online store that is selling male and female grooming stiff such as electric trimmers. The online store is getting quite a lot of people asking about them and their too good to be true prices they are charging. Is this merely a market penetration strategy in process or this is just a scam site looking for ways they can get people to buy from them or to send them money.

This is what we shall be looking at in this Annsline.com review and as you shall see the site is a risky scam site that you at a not advised to buy from. If you have been on the site and have seen some scam signs or have come across any other site that you think is suspicious we hope to hear you share of such in the comments section. Below are some scam signs we noticed for all those with questions such  as  what is Annsline.com, is not a scam, legit, honest, fraudulent etc.


The truth about what is Annsline.com

Annsline.com claims to be selling some very expensive trimmer but what makes them real attractive is the price and this is also the same thing that makes them real risky. The prices are too good to be true as the site claims to be selling the items at less than 10% of what the timmers really cost.

The site is using Facebook to advertise and maybe other platforms as well and this is one reason why you cannot trust them because these ads are scam sites especially if the site is this new and this unrealistic. The site was created on the 25th of May 2020 but recently started advertising and are too new to trust. As for the contact details the scammers are using the email address service011@manyhnice.com which is a well known email address that is used by scam sites. Do not buy from any store using this email address or any thing like it.





The online stores Annsline.com is not as innocent as it may look. They are selling quite different items from what many other scam sites are selling but the owners are the same and will act the same as on their other sites. Those who buy from the site won’t receive the items they order or might even get over charged or receive counterfeit fake items. For more on what is Annsline.com or TO report a scam leave a comment below.

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