What is cinemainvest.club : Is cinemainvest legit?

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Introduction to what is cinemainvest.club


This site is one of the most attracting “make money online” sites i have ever seen and I think that is because I’m a movie lover. I love going out with friends for a movie and the homepage of this site is just on point. Anyways what is cinemainvest.club? Is it a scam or is it legit? Can I trust cinemainvest? Does it pay or is it trustworthy? Is it fraudulent or genuine? Can I make money online using cinemainvest.club? Are there other ways to make money online?

Cinemainvest is a new site in the ” making money online” niche. In this site you invest your money and you get paid profits everyday for your investment. Their plans are 3 – 8% profits per day. Some sites offer you around 30/40% for your investment. Don’t get attracted by the figures, they will mislead you, sites with lower profits are usually the genuine ones whilst those with high interests are usually the scams. Now let’s see whether we should invest in cinemainvest.club

What is cinemainvest.club? Should i invest in this site?

What is cinemainvest.club? When I took my first glance at this site i fell in love with it. Well that was because of the homepage cinema picture of people smiling and eating popcorn and watching a movie. I was pretty sure this investment was genuine. I’m still kinda leaned that way. The profits are more realistic than what most that I have come across before.

However there are quite a number of things that are not really that straight and trustworthy about this site. Overlooking these because I love movies may be misleading. So taking into consideration my love for movies and these other things I have come to a conclusion that this site cannot be trusted that much. DON’T INVEST YOUR MONEY IN THIS SITE. Well, at least not yet, there is obviously some reasons why and I shall be looking at these reasons in this post. I encourage you to try something else for now until this site can really be trusted and of course this means until this site has lived long enough and proved to be trustworthy.

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How trustworthy is cinemainvest.club?


Why 35%

I have come across quite a number of scam sites and genuine sites. Scam sites usually make the same mistakes, hide the same details and have certain characteristics and lie about the same thing. It looks as if scam sites just copy what other sites look like and put the same features on their site. So below I will be pointing out a few things that make me trust this site only 35%.

Whether it is a scam or not depends on how you see it but I’m sure after seeing some of these things and after I explain them to you, you will be able to make a decision on whether you want to invest with the site or look for something else.

Who is the admin of this site?


Before I criticize or recommend a site I have to see whose site it is? Most sites are registered with the details of the host and don’t give you the name of admin. That would be okay given that the site doesn’t have anything to do with people’s pocket. When it comes to money people have got to know who owns this site, who exactly is having your money, who made the site, is he trustworthy? What does he do for a living? His biography and about him is important.

Creating a site isn’t all that hard these days and so anyone can create a site. A teen looking for money can create a site, a thief can create a site and we’ll these days 95 % or more of these money sites are scams. The details of the owner and admin of this site were not given where the site was registered. So this is one reason you can’t trust this site, there is no real personality, all you know is that your money is in the hands of someone and you won’t know who. This could be a silly mistake but still it matters.

Company name

A company by the name Cinema Invest does exist in the UK and was started in 2006. This site also states it is under a company called Cinema Invest and was started in 2012. Could these be two different companies? The problem is that the site doesn’t give an address so we know where exactly its located and there is no certificate of incorporation like most scam sites usually do.

I believe if this site had anything to do with the company it would have had been mentioned somewhere or linked somewhere but it isn’t. It’s a great probability that this site is using the  name of a company which exists to try to get people to trust it.

Proof of payment

Currently there is no proof of payment anywhere. Not on the site, not on any other site. Proof of payment is quite important for trust issues. It’s not that I trust every proof of payment, so even if there was a proof of payment i would have to validate the proof. Some proof is just part of the Scam, some proof is only from a few people who are actually paid their interest so as to get everyone to believe it. I don’t know if you are really interested in investing in a site where no one has ever been paid. (CHECK DATE)


I know this site got my favour because it had a picture of Thor holding his thing and those sweet souls in the cinema eating pop corn and those guys in the suits standing there smiling at the camera but something else looks good in this site, that’s why i didnt give the site a 5% or something like that. The figures or the plan looks a little honest. Most scam sites will promise you hundreds of interest per day and only those who are not so bright like you and me are, are the ones who might fall for it.

This site offers 3% or 4 or 5 to 8% and it’s realistic. Unlike when someone says they will pay you 9300% in two weeks times. Such percentages really don’t exist, that’s a figure abuse really. 9300%????  Where will they get such an amount. Okay good thing this site offers realistic figures.

In concluding

I’m definitely not going to invest my money in this site, not because I don’t like it, not because it’s profits are low but because I can’t really trust it. Yea plus i already found my best way to make money at wealthy affiliate. I like doing something that is helpful that is why I have websites that are meant to help people. If you want you can try wealthy affiliate and get to know how people make money online as agents for the biggest store online and other online shops by clicking WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

What do you think about this cinema site issue? Do you think you can trust it? How much do you think you can trust it? Was I helpful? Do you have any questions on what is cinemainvest.com? Please do leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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