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Introduction to what is profitbank.life


Over the past months the number of scams on the internet have been increasing in number everyday. Its happening so fast that everyday there are new “make money online” sites and it’s very rare to find a genuine one? Is profitbank one of these scams? What is profitbank.life? Can it be trusted? Is it fraudulent? Is it safe? Is it genuine or a Scam? Can I earn using this site? Is it a good idea to invest in profitbank? I shall be looking into these questions and try to make conclusions whether I would invest or not?

Profitbank.life is one of the many new sites that are being created daily. Of course many of these sites are scams and that is why you want to be sure you are investing in a legit site ( legit sites are rare). Basically what you do is you send money to this site and wait for them to pay you back your money using different interest rates in this case the interest rates are 8% to 15% hourly for 26 hours . The minimum amount that can be invested is $3 and maximum is $ 20 000. Can this site be trusted?

What is profitbank.life? Scam or legit?

When it comes to knowing what is profitbank.life everyone wants to know whether this site is a scam or legit. Labelling something a scam isn’t a good thing to do especially When you are not sure about it. But still scams exist and I cannot say whether this site is one or not, but I can say this site isn’t all that trustworthy.

There are quite a number of reasons why this site can’t be trusted. If I don’t trust it it simply means I can’t invest in it because I can’t put my money on something I’m not sure about. Whether this site is a scam or not will eventually be proven in time as it is still new. So accordong to my findings there are quite a number of reasons why this site should not be trusted and I’m going to share with you some of them. To stay safe make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing. Invest in something that is time tasted or start your own business online.¬†Starting a business online is the best thing you can do as this is a scam free thing, there is no room for that, it’s just you and your business. You can learn more about building your own brand and business online by clicking the image below.


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How trustworthy is Profitbank.life


Less than 50%. In other words this simply means this site can’t be trusted as yet. So to justify my percentage. Below I am going to be looking at the reasons why this site couldn’t score a 50% Mark or a 100 or why this site can’t be trusted.

Age of site

Like I already mentioned earlier on, the number of sites that are created every day as “money making sites” is huge and it’s growing at a terrible speed. Everyday I come across at least 5 new sites and that is only the sites I come across and not including the ones I don’t. I’m sure everyday there are around 20 new sites created and almost all of them are scams, most of the times all of them are scams. Its not that easy to find a genuine site that will really pay you and that you can really trust enough to invest in it.

You need to have a time tested site, a site that has been around for some years now for you to be able to know that your investment is secure. Scams don’t usually live for years, some just exist for a few days get a few thousands and thats it, some weeks, some months and a very very few can last a year. No matter how genuine it looks, don’t get easily convinced. If it looks convincing enough for you at least don’t put in too much.

The company

Profitbank is said to be under a company in the UK that is called Debtix enterprise limited. Well almost every making money online site says they have a company too. This makes people trust the site. So I did a follow up on Debtix enterprise and found out that this site ceased to exist in 2016. According to some trusted source this firm was dissolved in 2016 and there is no other proof of this firm ever being registered again. Could this site be operating illegally or it is the site taking on a fake identity of a firm that is no longer in existence or its something else.

Proof of payment

As at date there is no proof of payment that has been given by any outside source or a member to prove that this site does pay back its investors. If there is any proof then it should be closely examined and validated. I think it is wiser to wait till some proof of payment is present. Its best to wait and learn from other people’s mistakes and not be someone else’s lesson.

How does this site generate cash to pay back with interest??


There are a lot of sites that operate the profitbank.life way. This way is referred to as the Ponzi scheme and is named after the founder. So here is an honest view of how a ponzi site works ( I’m not saying this site is a ponzi site but This could be 90 % true), the owner won’t be having anything or very little money, investors invest and once more investors come in, the older investors are paid with the money invested by new investors. This will go on until the day ( some can go on for months) the scammer feels that the funds from the new investors are running short and he just closes the site and walks away.

That is what others do but there is a worst kind. The worst kind of ponzi scams don’t even pay anyone a single dime. The first investors invest and get scammed, new investors come in and get scammed , more come in and get scammed until the owner feels he should close the site as it gets more dangerous when more people are involved and he walks.

Are there other legit ways of of making money online?

Yes, there are quite many ways of making money online. Some click ads on PTC sites and earn. This is one way you can get money online. However this has also turned into a scam thing and isn’t really a nice way. Its the least paying and most tiring and boring(you earn as little as $0.005 per advert and it may take you hours to make a $). I have also been part of it.

You can also try making websites and monetizing them. This isn’t so hard to do either. I used to think it was until I joined Wealthy affiliate and so I’m now satisfied being an online entrepreneur.¬† You can get started by creating a free account and you will learn the many ways of making 4 figure amounts (passive income) by creating a free account. The only problem with this is that you have to work hard for it, but once you have established your business online, you can earn without any sweat. Click here to create a free accont.


What do you think about profitbank.life ? Do you think it could be real or is it just a Scam? Was this helpful? Do you have any questions or sites you would want us to zero down together? Please do leave a comment below.

Good luck


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