What is Boitisiy.net : Beware of scam

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What is Botisiy.net

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Botisiy.net a relatively new site that has been advertising on Facebook and I’m sure will also be doing the same on Instagram. In this review we are going to be looking at this site to assess whether they are a genuine real site or of they are just another scam site that is trying to rip of people their money. Well as you shall see in this review we do not encourage you to but from them as the site doesn’t give us any reason to trust them and they are quite leaning on the scam side considering the information we have about them. So for all those with questions like what is Boitisiy.net, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, genuine, good or bad online store to buy from them this review will be of some help.

The truth about Botisy.net

Botisiy.net was not created so long ago they are quite new and have emerged at a time where many other sites which are believed to be linked to it have also been brought up. They are advertising the same smart watch which is also being advertised by Romanticby.com which is also another scam online store. Many scam sites are are advertising on Facebook and Instagram and are not to be trusted if on these platforms unless they are time tested and well known. Below are some of the scam signs that we have managed to identify on the site.


Scam signs

Botisiy.net was created in 2019 in October and the scam sites advertising the items are also dated around these months. The site is too new to be trusted and it is never a good idea to trust new online stores unless you are sure about them. They are also using a fake phone number which never goes through. If you try to call then you will be told that the number is an invalid number and from what we have seen over the years scam sites never give their real phone number to avoid getting tracked. Most people are looking the site up because the price is quite too good to be true and as they used.to say, if it looks too good to be true then it is most likely not true. The pricing of the site is just a way to try to trick people into buying from them because they are about 50% or more cheaper than legit stores.





Do not buy from this site you will risk losing your money whilst getting nothing in return. In some cases you may receive some counterfeit item that costs nothing compared to the money you will have had paid. They may also over charge your or charge your credit card without your consent.  For more questions on what is Botisiy.net and to share your experience with the site please leave a comment on the comments section and we will get back to you.

Good luck

2 comments on “What is Boitisiy.net : Beware of scam

  1. Anne Roseberry

    I just found this out after ordering 2 wallets and never receiving them ever! It must be a scam as I can find no listing for them or a working phone #! I am now out 32.00! I am going to the police and file a report about this 1st thing on Monday! I also will NEVER order anything online again, I learned my lesson.

  2. Christine Wicker

    I also ordered the 2 purses,paid £25.50 including postage.Waited ages,nothing,told them to cancel and they asked for more time.gave them 10 days then cancelled
    The day after they posted the purses.3 weeks later they arrived but not as advertised. Contacted paypal told to send them back to China at £14.80.I argued about cancelling and trade description.In the end I wasn’t prepared to waste anymore money so I kept the purses


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