What is Romanticby.com : Is it a scam?

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What is Romanticby.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of this online store that has been getting quite a lot of people wondering whether they are real or not. On this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store and try to find out whether they can be trusted or not so if you have been planning on buying from Romanticby.com please make sure you read this review first you might just save yourself losing some money to a scam site. Is the site to be trusted? Not at all the site is not trustworthy and there are high chances of you losing your money. So those with questions such as what is Romanticby.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, genuine, a good.or bad site to buy from this is all you may need to know about the site to help you in whether to buy or not.


The truth about what is Romanticby.com

Romanticby.com is a new online store, relatively new, that ha been advertising their items on Facebook and Instagram and claiming to be selling watches, shoes and other items for prices just about 50% of what they would really cost in a real legit shop. Well this is what most people are questioning the site. Apart from this one there are hundreds and thousands of other sites that have come before and have claimed the same and are still scamming people selling to them defected items, counterfeits and stealing money from their credits cards or not sending any thing after thry habe received their payment.

This is why you want to make sure you are buying from a legit site. Unfortunately and fortunately Romanticby.com doesn’t look too promising and no one has given a review of ha ing had bought from them and received anything. If you go to the ads of the site and check the comments on them you will see people that are calling them scam and they all have reasons. Below are some of the reasons why this site cannot be trusted.


Scam signs

One things about buying online is that you should always go for time tested sites. Most new sites that are being created are scam sites and will definitely steal from you, if possible , never attempt to buy from a new site unless you really really trust them. Romanticby.com is quite a new site created in September 2019 and doesn’t have anything known about them. The phone number doesn’t go through like with all other scam sites and the number is also the same number that is being used with other sites that have been reported for scam such as tzshop.org. Their prices are also quite too good to be true and this is common when it comes to scam sites.





From all that can be seen and said there is no reason why one should trust the site because even Facebook and Instagram are now the major play grounds of scam sites. If you buy from this site you risk receiving counterfeits which don’t have any real value like the money you will lose, you may also receive fake items and might have them steal your credit card details so they can charge you without your consent. If you have more questions on what is Romanticby.com or have been scammed please leave a comment and help us help others.

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