What is Firstimez.com : Scam or legit?

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What is firstimez.com

Hello guys and welcome to my shirt review of firstimez.com a new online store that is claiming to be selling some Mercedes Benz watch for 68 bucks which they claim is half the price  as this is some sort of promotion. I’m sure that you came across this site on Facebook or maybe Instagram as well and in this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store and find out whether they are a genuine site or just another scam online store. Hopefully you have not already bought from the site as they are an untrusted online store that is likely to steal your money from you in the name of shopping online when you won’t be getting what you paid for. If you have such questions as what is firstimez.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fraudulent, fake, good or bad online store this might just be of some help.


The truth about firstimez.com and scam signs

Firstimez.com is a new online store and was created sometime in August 2019 which doesn’t really make it a time tested online store but a new online store as no one knows about them and there aren’t any real reviews from people that have bought from it as at time of review but one thing you should never do is buy from a new online store advertising on Facebook or Instagram.  They are also using the email address of giftloverz  which is being used by many past and present scam sites. They don’t have any phone number and this is a trick by scammers to avoid getting tracked. The Mercedes items being advertised are also commonly advertised by scam sites and also the pricing and totally fake and unrealistic, too good or be true and not true at all. The owner of the site is unknown.





If you are going to buy online make sure you buy from the well known and trusted online stores such as Amazon and eBay or any other you may be sure of. Firstimez.com is not to be trusted and is most likely going to be reported soon. You will risk making payment and receiving nothing , receiving counterfeit items and also having your credit card charged without you consent. If you have any questions regarding what is firstimez.com or have had some experience with them please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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