What is 7days.capital : Is it a safe investment site?

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Scamzeroed.com investigates what is 7days.capital

Please take note that as at date of creation of post there is not enough information to completely label the site scam or legit. If you feel that the review is not really enough for your decision making process on whether the site is a scam or legit please try checking if there are any comments as yet on HYIP monitoring sites. With the best of my knowledge of online scams I’ll try to answer those who are still stuck on whether they should invest in 7days.capital or not and those looking for answers to what is 7days.capital, is 7days.capital a scam, legit, fake, honest, Good, trustworthy, bad, real, genuine or fraudulent investment site.

It has been made clear that there is still uncertainties about this site as of course I have already gone through the it and done some research on It, predicting the future of this site may be quite difficult. Therefore if you feel you need something that has been reviewed and tested and which is a scam free way of making money online you can try out my #1 and most recommended reviewed way of making money online, no investment is required and the bad thing also is that it is not a quick money thing, it may take a few months of work and consistency so you start earning quite huge amounts every month. Click here to see how it is done and what it is all about.

Is 7days.capital a legit site? What is 7days.capital?

Since 7 days capital is still relatively new as at date of post you will realise that this site does not really have any online reputation at all. Also taking into consideration that the site does not seem to have much fishy and suspicious stuff about it such as unrealistic interest rates, fake company details or no company involved or any bad publicity it is only fair not to call the site a scam.

Trust percentage

However there are a few common things which have to be considered as well which may lower the trust percentage of the site. It is because of these other factors which are common that the site should not be fully trusted. As common as the factors are they are very important when one is making an investment decision on whether to invest or not. The trust percentage given implies that one should be very careful when choosing to invest at 7days.capital and this can also mean that if you choose to try it out, invest only the amount you can risk losing.

The 55% has been awarded this site because of the positive facts that include, no bad publicity,  no unrealistic interest rates, no fake details of the company and as well as the fact that the company does exist and was registered on the 4th of October 2018 just about the time the site was also created. Now below are some reasons why 7days.capital could not be fully trusted.

Why the site could not be awarded a 100% trust percentage

A 100% trust percentage can only be awarded to a sote that has been time tested and has no bad publicity from previous investors and has realistic earning and one in which the owners of the site’s identity can be verified and is given. This can hardly be achieved by HYIP sites because like they always say there is a risk in every HYIP site so you just can never trust them 100%.

1.Site is still new

This rules always applies to all investment sites. New sites should not be trusted. Of course there may be some legit sites right from the onset created with a non-scam intention. But due to the fact that even scam sites may at first present themselves as legit and pay off a few investors so as to gain trust and get more investors so that when they finally get to scam people they scam them big team and get a lot of cash. Scams can hardly go past a year trying to fake being legit because they won’t have enough funds to do so. Time filters scam sites.

2. No real personalities

The site does not really have any real people whose identities you can confirm. The owner of the site is also unknown. When the site is registered the person who registers the site has to register the site and give the name of the owner. This can be of no importance on blog sites on other site which do not have to do with people’s money but when it comes to investment, job and online business sites such as online stores this step is mandatory. However you will also find out that very few people do this despite the importance and necessity.

3. The company was registered same time the site was created

Company registration online is not such a big deal, anyone can do that because there are no important details needed, just your cash and name you want for you the company and then it gets registered. That is how they do it in the UK and the prices of doing it online are even cheap. Less than 50 pounds you can create a site and register a company and get a certificate of incorporation. So as important as the certificate of incorporation and registration¬† of the company may be we shouldn’t let that trick us into believing the site is legit?



If you feel it think that the site is legit please just make sure you only invest the amount you can risk losing just as a precaution. If you have had any experience with 7days please let us know in the comments section below. What do you think about what is 7days.capital? Do you think this site is legit or fake? Please leave a comment and I will be happy to hear from you and will get back to you as soon  as possible.

Good luck

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