What is Bitifix.org : Scam or legit

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What is Bitifix.org

Hello and welcome to my review of Bitifix.org. in this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and help all those who may be struggling to find out whether this site is a legit site to invest in or not. Hopefully this review will be an eye opener to all those who have questions such as what is Bitifix.org, is Bitifix.org a scam, legit, honest, genuine, paying, trustworthy, fraudulent, good or bad site to invest in. By the end of this review you should be in a position to make a clear cut decision after being well informed about the site.


What is Bitifix.org? Is it a scam?

Bitifix.org is a site that was created in October 2018. This Site is what can be known as an HYIP site and these hyip sites are currently the most popular type of scams online. They are highly risky and more than 95 % of them are scams whilst many of them are created on daily basis. What is Bitifix.org, is it one of the 95% scams? Well according to our reasearch and experience of the site so far it is has no scam reports and a few investors have proved the site to be paying.

Payment plans

1. 105% in one day. Note that this does not imply that you get 105% profit after a day of investing. You get 5% profit instead.

2. 120% in 5 days. Invest for 5 days and get 20% profit 

3. 130% in 1 week. Invest for 7 days and get back returns or profits of 30%

The minimum withdrawal amount and minimum invest amount is 20$.

However since this site is an HYIP site and hyip sites have quite a bad reputation of turning into scams there is a great possibility that this site is a ponzi scheme and can at any time turn scam. For the past few months this site hasn’t been much of a problem and so if you are a risk taker and do feel comfortable wit investing in hyip sites then you may want to try out this site at your own risk. All we can say is that as at date there are no scam reports and our allies have confirmed that the site is paying.




What is a Ponzi scheme

A ponzi scheme is whereby a site can pay it’s investors using the money it gets from new investors. Ponzi sites can be paying for quite some time but once the scheme gets a little overburdened, when the new investments cannot match the amount need to pay old investors, the scam side of the site may then be displayed and of course the site will leave with a little bit of cash from the amount left and the site closes.

This may be the case with Bitifix.org but the site has lived quite a little bit longer than the time that most ponzi schemes live, so it is possible that the site might be using the cash invested to get more cash. You can never know, but keep in mind there is always a risk involved when investing in any HYIP site says most of these hyip sites.


Newbie in the online money making Niche?

Are you a newbie in the online money making Niche, investing in an HYIP site can be quite helpful at times, especially if the site is legit, however you can never be really sure.which site is legit and which one is fake. So to be sure you may need to find a that is time tested and proven to be paying to feel a little bit safe but such sites are usually not worthy investing in as they pay very little returns , most of them paying 0.5% per day, meaning you have to wait more than 200 days to get back the amount you invested only, before you can start getting the cash.

If you are hesitant to invest i HYIP sites you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and build your own income stream on their platform and using the step by step on the job training that is offered there. This Site is quite a different one from most online ways to make money and tsking into comsiderstion the amount of money you get after you have set up it is totally worth it and quite a sensible site .


Other HYIP sites to consider

DER Global launched an high yieding investment site some time end of 2017. This site has been online ever since and surprisingly despite the quite good returns the site offers it hasn’t  had any scam reports at all and all investors claim that this site is a legit site to invest in and it is one site with a huge number of investors than any Other site hyip site I have come across. You can try out this site and see how it works for you.



If you are ever going to invest in an HYIP site make sure that you invest and amount you can risk losing. Hyips are created every day many of them and many of them scam people and disappear every day. Although these may be very seducing for quick money, they are definately not good sites to try out if you are not ready to lose any money. Go for something tried, time tested and legit. To stay even safer from being scammed try creating your own income stream. This is the safest and also the highest paying thing you can do online and also in the real world.





As for this site I’m sure currently there is no reason for the site to be labeled a scam. If there are any changes we will notify. What do you think about what is Bitifix.org? Do you think that this site could be a scam? Have you had any experience.with Bitifix.org? Please help us help others by sharing on the comments section below, if you have a question just drop it and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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