What is Bitchain.icu : Scam exposed

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What is Bitchain.icu

Hello and welcome to my review of Bitchain.icu. In this review I’m going to give answers to all those who have questions such as what is Bitchain.icu, is Bitchain.icu a scam, legit , honest, genuine, fraudulent, trustworthy, genuine, real, Fake, paying, good or bad investment site. I hope this review will be an eye opener and help all those who might be thinking on whether they should invest or not. After this review one should be able to make an investment decision after being well informed about this site and it’s legitimacy.


What is Bitchain.icu? Is it a scam?

What is Bitchain.icu. Bitchain.icu is an investment site which claims to be a company that is registered in the UK with a given company number. Despite the fact that these sites are highly risky and 95% of them usually prove to be Scams, Bitchain.icu is on its on a scam and if you were planning on investing your money in this site you are probably in for a big loss as you shall see in this review of what is Bitchain.icu.

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So there are quite a number of reasons why this site has been labeled a scam. The criteria used to access the legitimacy of this site has been used for hundreds of reviews and belive me or not, it has always come out right, what is labeled a scam by this criteria definately is a scam, if it doesn’t prove to be one at the very instant yet still it doesn’t take long before it shows forth it’s true colours.


Reasons why Bitchain.icu has been labeled a scam

1. Fake Company details

I think it is quite clear that the chance of the investors ever getting paid lies with the existence of the company. If the company doesn’t exist then there is no business and absolutely no way to make enough money to pay back the investors especially at a profit.

Although the site claims that it is a company registered in  the UK and gives a company number the site claimed does not exist. Well, it is very common that hyip scam sites almost all of them claim they are registered in the UK. The main reason why most do so is because they can actually register a company online for the cause e of the scam. This is because it is cheaper to do so in the UK and easier.

All companies that are registered in the UK should be listed on the companies house website. So using the company number provided by the site or shows that the company which owned the company number claimed by Bitchain.icu was once registered but no longer exists, it was dissolved on the 30th of January 2018 and was called Forex Operations limited. If the site is up to any good why would it have to claim a company that doesn’t belong to them. Scammers are liers.

2. Fake contact details

Now after we are left with a site that has no company and is lying about being registered we may want to try and check on the contact details of the site, are they genuine or they are just there to try to make the scam look legit. Scams will never give real genuine contact details, obviously because they can easily be tracked down.

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Have you ever tried to make enquiries at Bitchain limited. If you try it out you will realise that the contact number given does not work, it never gets through and is an invalid number. Why would a site you are about to invest in have to give you a contact details that are fake?  It is because that is what scams do.

3. Unrealistic returns

Although these sites are called high yielding investment programs this doesn’t really mean they can offer any returns they want to. Money will always be money, it takes time to get money and it is not easy to make money whether in the real world or online, you have to work hard for it. The site claims that it will pay you hourly returns for 6 hours.

Well, what business can be done is 6 hours time and generate more money using the cash that will have had been invested. The reason you invest money is so that the site or company can use that money to generate more money and they give you some of that money and keep some of it. This is obviously not possible within 6 hours and all the payment plans are 6 hour plans and every hour you will be getting a payment the least being 23% and the highest paying being 44% per hours. Those are huge returns and cannot be paid in such a short time.

Legit sites to consider.

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Bitchain.icu is a scam site and if it tries the ponzi scheme approach it still will not live for long becaus the payback period is short. If you choose to try out this site make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing. If you have any questions about what is Bitchain.icu please leave a comment below and ill get back to you.

Good luck

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