What is Trafficpay.net : Scam or legit?

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What is Trafficpay.net Review

Hello and welcome to scamzeroed where we help you access the legitimacy of make money online sites such as trafficpay.net. In this review we a re going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and help all those who are struggling on whether they should invest or not. If you are looking for answers to questions such as what is Trafficpay.net, is Trafficpay.net a scam, legit, honest, genuine, paying, real, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad investment site then this review will be of some help and provide answers to all the questions you may be having and hopefully it will be an eye opener that will assist you on your decision making.


What is Trafficpay.net? Is it a scam?

If you had been planning on investing in this site then you may want to revisit your investment decision as this site is a scam. This is no surprise as more than 95% of hyip sites always prove to be scams and the 5% only pays very little returns that are not worth investing for. These sites are also never really safe to invest in, there is always a risk involved in all high yielding investment programs.

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Payment plans are unrealistic

Well, I’m sure the payment plans are the ones that got you wondering and interested in this site. These returns are also what made you more suspicious of the site. Do you think that the returns promised by Trafficpay.net are too good to be true? You are definately right, these returns are no where near legit and are just there to try to manipulate and get the people to invest otherwise such returns are not achievable.

Although 125% may not seem to be much, considering the time frame it is supposed to be paid and also the statistics of scams and their plans this is quite impossible. A ponzi scheme can sustain the scam for a short while but in a short period of time the scheme can no longer go on because the returns are too high. From past statistics altthough there are many hyip sites being created everyday 95% of these are scams and of the 5% which are not scams the legit ones which have been online for quite some time pay an average of 125% per month and the ones that claim to be paying forever pay as little as 0.5% per day which is totally not worth it.


The Ponzi scheme

The ponzi scheme is what usually makes people believe that hyip sites are legit at times. What happens is that the site gets people.to invest and as people are investing the site will simply be using other people’s investments to pay back older investors and going that way the site can live for quite some time but obviously later on there will be some inequalities between the amount needed to payback returns and the amount received from new investors.

Once this happens the site takes a lot of money and disappears. When the site is paying investors at first it will simply be looking for more people they can scam after the site has many affiliates and is getting referrals. So when they suddenly shut down the site the number of investors will have had invested lots and lots of money and because the people will be getting to trust the site If the scheme lives a little longer people usually tend to invest much more money and so get scammed more.


” The company is registered “

This is true but this does not mean that The site is really a company. If you will notice, this site claims it is registered company in the UK and so does any other hyip site claim. This is because in the UK it is easier to apply for a certificate of incorporation online and it is also cheaper. So all these hyip sites need to have a company registered to be trusted

So without having any one real company they just register one online for about 15 pounds and a certificate of incorporation . The existence of the company should never trick you into believing that the site really is a company, it is not. They just need 15 bucks to make some people believe. Remember these guys are all about deceiving people into investing. It is even funny that the company has no address and no phone number.


Looking for legit sites to make money online?

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If you are only interested in high yielding investment programs which I will not be encouraging you to invest in, you can check but my review on one of the sites I recently reviewed. It was created in 2017 and has been online ever since paying quite some good amount of returnsĀ  to investors. This is the only hyip site that I have had to think of so highly and you may want to try it out. However invest at own risk, these hyip sites are never risk free. There is always a risk involved in all Hyip investment programs





Hyip sites are the most common scams online and investing in them would be a huge risk. However some people are willing to take that risk, If you do feel you may be in for some payement if the sites does consider being ponzi make sure you invest only the amount of money you can risk losing. If you have more questions on what is Trafficpay.net please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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