What is Bitground.club : scam or legit?

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What is Bitground.club

Hello guys and welcome to another Review of Bitground.club. If you have been wondering whether or not to invest at Bitground.club then this review will be of help to you and will answer all the questions you might have about this site. This Bitground.club review will answer all questions such as what is Bitground.club, is bitground.club a scam, Legit, honest, fraudylent, genuine, paying, trustworthy, bad or good high yielding investment site. If you have such questions then hopefully this review will be an eye opener and help you with your decision making.


What is Bitground.club? Is it a legit site?

Bitground.club is a new High yielding investment program. If anyone knows anything about high yielding investment programs then I’m sure you know almost all of these new sites always prove to be scams. As you shall see in this review¬† of wgat ksBitground.club is just another scam site that has no other intentions but to get your money and disappear. Of course almost all Hyip sites have the same intention of stealing money but not all Hyip sites are not paying?

So the real questions here are, Is this site paying? Should you take the risk? Can the ponzi scheme be supported with the rate of returns and the pay back period? If you are looking for legit ways to make money online you can check out our #1 Most recommended site especially for newbie online money seekers, no investing. Or if you are looking for HYIP sites that have been paying for a long time even though they are still hyip sites, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ANOTHER REVIEW OF PAYING SITE.


Can the Ponzi scheme be supported?

The ponzi scheme is whereby old investors are paid using the money that is invested by new investors. This is usually the way most hyip sites pay their investors and the intention being that of getting more people to invest through referrals. When people.get paid, they refer others, when investors keep growing the money that can be scammed is also growing and one day the site just chooses that the money is enough and they disappear.

Not many people are willing to risk 500$ so the 400% plan isnt going to be used by many if used by any. Many people are going to opt for the 112% after a day which and this way the site doesnt have much imbalance between the amount they cash out and the amount they cash in. So the scheme may survive a little long and site may pay for a short while but eventually the scheme falls, if you are a risk taker you may invest if there are no scam reports so far, as at date there are none but once scam reports have been issued investing is the worst thing you can do.


Reasons why you should not invest.

Unrealistic returns.

400% is evidence that the site is trying to lure people into it’s trap by all means. 400% returns after 8 days cannot be done. Legit paying sites can hardly pay that in a full month, not even 200% in a month.

Company details are fake

The details of this company are fake. Of.course every scam hyip claims it is registered in the UK. The company number used by the site belongs to a company that no longer exists, was dissolved in 2006.

Owner is unknown

The owner of the site has not been identified. The contact number also does not have any responses. The site also being of an unknown reputation. These are all characteristics of scam sites.


My say

Do not invest in this site the risk is huge. Have you ever tried out creating your own business online? This way you can start making 4 figure monthly passive income.


As you can see it this review of Bitground.club the site is clearly a scam. This doesn’t really mean you won’t get paid, you can get lucky but the chances are slim. Have you had any experience with this site. Please share your view on what is Bitground.club and help us help others. Leave a comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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