Hourbitpay.com Review : Hourbitpay.com Scam

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Hourbitpay.com Review

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Hello and welcome to my hourbitpay.com review. Have you been planning on investing in this site and just wasn’t sure whether this would be a good investment or just another way of getting your money stolen by this site. Well, this is an overall review of hourbitpay.com and if you have questions such as what is hourbitpay.com, is hourbitpay.com a scam, Legit, honest, genuine, fake, paying, fraudulent, trust worthy, good or bad investment site then this review might just be an eye opener and help you out with your investment decision.


Hourbitpay.com Review. Is it a scam?

If you don’t know anything about hour bit , this site is what can be known as a high yielding investment program. These are actually the most common and most popular scams and have scammed many many people in the past few years as you shall see in this Hourbitpay.com review that the site is also a scam. If you are a newbie then you may want to check out our review on scam free ways to make money online.

Hourbitpay.com is an upcoming scam site and has already scammed a few people so far. If you are a person who is into high yielding investment programs then I’m sure you wouldn’t want to invest in a site that already has some scam reports. If you are go8ng to invest in this site because some people are still getting paid also, then you may want to follow the golden rule in all Hyip investment sites, never invest what you cannot risk losing.


Can I get paid?

Definately, some people are still getting paid, most of them actually (as at date of post)   so there are chances of getting paid. However tuere are also chances of getting scammed just the way some people are getting scammed.

For the site to live a little bit longer it may need to scam some people in order to  pay others . This is why some people are now complaining that the site is not turning scam, of course the high yielding investment programs usually turn scam calling the way. Below is another reason why you should  not invest in the site.

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Returns are too unrealistic

If you know anything about money in sure you will agree with me that this site is promising something that looks too good to be true. Money is expensive to get, it will always be hard to get money and the site makes it look so easy. Well, the online world is not so different from making money in traditional jobs. You have to work hard.

According to my statistics and other scam sites that I have had to review there is no high yielding investment program promising that much that has ever been Legit, all thousands and thousands of them have been scams. 1000% in 3 days? That is insane. Payments forever? This site is registered only for a short time of one year and evidently it doesn’t plan to live for long. All sites that have had such returns have always turned to be scams as this site has already started to prove.


My say

The site is evidently a scam if you are go8ng to invest here invest at You own risk. If you are a newbie in the make money online world then you may want to check out our #1 and most recommended site to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate.


If you are looking for legit and time tested sites that pay quite some reasonable and worth ot returns you may want to check out our review of a site that has been online and paying since 2017. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR REVIEW.



Investing at hourbitpay.com isn’t the best thing you can do right now. Most probably you are going to get scammed and the chances are very high..Have you had any experience with this site? Please help us help others by leaving a comment on this hourbitpay.com review in the section below.

Good luck

4 comments on “Hourbitpay.com Review : Hourbitpay.com Scam

  1. Eduardo Thomas

    I sent 500 dollars to them infornaran that would be 499.97 and then I tried to withdraw the value but my account was blocked and now I can no longer access.

    1. Donny Post author

      Try contacting your bank and set a dispute on grounds that you paid money to a fraudulent site without knowing they may be able to help you

    2. tom

      I’m in same situation…!
      HourBitPay.com deleted my account.
      I asked to that site, but nobody answered…!


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