What is forgebit.io : Legit or scam?

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What is forgebit.io

Hello and welcome to my review of forgebit.io. In this review of forgebit we are going to try to help all those who may be having an interest in investing in this site but are not sure whether they should invest or not. If you have questions such as what is forgebit.io, is forgebit.io a scam, legit, honest, trustworthy, genuine , fake, good , bad or paying investment site then this review might be of some use and will be an eye opener. With this information you should be able to make a decision after being well informed.


What is forgebit.io? Is it a scam?

Forgebit.io is a new investment site. If you are a person that knows anything about high yieding investment programs then you definately know that these sites are not to be trusted. Even though one can get paid, you can get scammed just as much as you can also get scammed as you shall see in short review of what is forgebit.io.

If you are a newbie in the online make money Niche investing in forgebit.io might not be the best move to make. Who knows, maybe you might get lucky and get paid, but more than 95% of these sites are scams. Are you willing to take the risk. If not you can also check out our recommended scam free legit way to make money online without having to invest any money.


Can this forgebit.io be trusted

If there is anything I have learned concerning high yielding investment programs, it is that you can never and should never really trust any. The ones that are labeled as paying will scam you after you invest and the new ones will scam you too, hardit can one find a scam free hyip site. This Site is still too new to be trusted.


Good sides about the site

The site indeed has a company registered in the UK. But this is the simplest thing and does not guarantee that you will get paid. Registering a company online in the UK takes at times less than 20 pounds and you get a certificate of incorporation. And most of these sites just do it for the sake of getting people to trust them so they can scam them. The company was registered just before the site started operating.


Bad sides of the site

Forgebit.io doesn’t have any real person connected to it, the owner of the site is not known. The site also seems to offer quite high returns in a short period of time and comparing with legit and genuine hyip sites the site is falling on the scam side.  The returns imply that one can more than double the amount he or she invested in 10 days and in the real online world this doesn’t exist. If lucky the site may be a ponzi scheme and pay some people and scam some but eventually will scam all investors before it closes down


My say

Investing at forgebit.io is a risky move, too risky. Of you are looking for legit ways to make money without investing have you every tried out Wealthy affiliate to see how it works out for you. If you are interested in risky investments only you can also check out our review on one HYIP site that has been paying since 2017, but there are no guarantees, but the site also does not have any scam reports so far.




Investing at Forgebit.io is a huge risk. If by any chance you get paid you will have had gotten some good luck but we advice you not to invest. Go for time tested HYIP sites if you are ever going have anything to do with HYIP sites. If you have had any questions help others with the question of what is forgebit.io by leaving a comment below.

Good luck

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