What is Bitearn.club : Is Bitearn a scam

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What is Bitearn.club : Is Bitearn.club a scam?

Hello guys and welcome to my review of Bitearn.club. in this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and help people who may be thinking of investing in this site with the information that may be necessary for them to make their investment decision. If you have questions such as what is Bitearn.club, is Bitearn.club a scam, Legit, honest, paying, trust worthy, fraudulent, genuine, real, fake, good or bad investment site then this review might just be what you need to help you out.


What is Bitearn.club? Is it a scam?

If you are a person that has been into high yielding investment programs then I’m sure you are quite acquainted with the fact that these sites are usually scam sites. More tha  95% of them are and we dont encourage you to invest in this site if you are not willing to TAKE A RISK.

Most probably this the answer to what is Bitearn.club is that this site is a scam site that has just been created and even won’t last for a long time. There are quite a few reasons to belive that this site is a scam and these are explained below.


Why This site cannot be trusted.

Unrealistic returns

Returns promised are quite too high. The returns that the site offers are quite to high to be archieved. I know we all love money but these returns are more of unrealistic and according to statistics sites which claim these huge amounts have usually proved to be scams.

The sites that pay and have been online for quite some reasonable sites do not pay that long. All those that pay as much as this site turn scam before they go for long. The most common payments that are promised and labeled as forever on legit sites are usually 0.5% per day which is totally not worth it. Unlike Bitearn.club, the sites that pay don’t pay hourly, if hourly thos is usually 0.00 something per hour and this site claims to pay as much as 10% per hour and that is totally fake, legit and time tested sites paying less than 10% usually per day. Fact is all thousands of of sites that have ever promised sich returns have been scams, this is most likely one of them.

Getting paid forever?

Payments forever isn’t going to happen. The site isn’t going to live that long and of that I’m 100% sure. The site claims that is has been registered.till 2027 but if you check on who is this site has been registered for only one year. If the site was really legit and planning to stay for that long they would have paid for hsoting for many years. Im sure if they had a chance to get hosting for a month or a few they would have opted for they but one year is actually the least you can.


Has anyone been  paid?

Yes, reports I have come across has some proof of being paid so far. However this does not guarantee that you yourself will get paid. Hyip sites usually use the ponzi to.make payments, which is that the money invested by new investors is used to pay back older investors. However with the high returns the site might not be able to survive that long using a ponzi scheme.


My say

If you are a newbie looking for legit ways to make money you may want to check out our #1 top recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate and won’t have to invest anything. If you are into HYIP and willing to take risks , remember the quicker you invest the more chances you may have of getting paid using the Ponzi, however after there has been some scam reports do not invest.


Investing at Bitearn.club is certainly risky. There are more chances.of getting scammed at a later date than early. If the site hasn’t had any other scam reports then you may want to try it out as a risk taker but not as a desperate person looking for money..If you have question regarding what is Bitearn.club please leave a comment below and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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