What is cashcrate.com : Scam or legit

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What is cashcrate.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of cashcrate.com. In this review we are going to access the legitimacy of this site  and help all those who are currently wondering whether this site is a scam site  or not. So if you have questions such as what is cashcrate.com, is cashcrate.com a scam, legit, honest, trustworthy, fake, paying, genuine, fraudulent, good or bad Paid to Click site then this review will be of some help. I hope after reading this article it will be an eye opener and help you with your decision making.


What is cashcrate.com? Is cashcrate a scam?

Cashcrate.com is a Paid to Click site that pays you do quite a number of stuff. There are many ways to make money using this site. You can click ads, use offer walls, surveys,  referring, shopping, playing games and the like. I’m sure that sounds mighty interesting but the real question is what is cashcrate.com, is this site really legit or just another scam.

Cashcrate.com was created in 2006 and so far the site has quite a good online reputation. Now you can’t really know enough about a site unless you become a part of is and after I heard a lot of good stuff about cashcrate I joined it because it looks like every review i read was positive. The problem with this was that most people just wrote from what they heard and read now in this review I’m going to tell you about my experience with cashcrate. Fine the site is legit but is it worth the time you will have to put into it?


Is Cashcrate.com worth it?

Since the site has different things you can do to earn money some are worth it and some are not. So if you are going to be a member of this site there are things that you can do and use the site for that will be of benefit to you and some that are merely a wastage of time.


1. Clicking ads

Clicking ads has always been my idea of having nothing to do. I believe that ads clickers are at times the most hardworking people online its just that people are putting effort at the thing. No matter how much time you spend clicking ads you can never make some real genuine income that way. So you will find out that even at Cashcrate clicking ads is one way you can waste your time efficiently.

Clicking ads is actually the least paying thing one can do online. The site pays you $0.0001 per click, meaning to get a dollar you need at least 1000 clicks and the minimum withdrawal is 20$.  I’m there are some people that can work that hard, like i said ad clickers are the most hardworking. Just in case I forget to mention, you can’t be clicking ads all day. There are limits on the number of ads you can click per day so you wait until more ads are brought to your account.


2. Offer walls

Taking offers is another way to make money with the site. Well how many times do you buy stuff online? Offer walls are all about trying new products and services. Some are completely free ( services) and some require you to actually pay for the good or service. So once you try these you get paid money for it and don’t expect the money paid to be over or equal to the money you will have had spent in purchasing the product or service.

You can buy a product for 25 bucks and get a cash back of 5$ so this could be recommended if you are willing to try out new products from different niches and the  you get a cash back, but I doubt you will ever get a chance to purchase a product you really want and get a cash back. It’s more of wasting money buying products you don’t really need otherwise I don’t know maybe you can then resale them. However offers are the most paying thing on cashcrate.com.


3. Surveys

The surveys you get to do are limited, and these usually depend on your location. Of you are from the United States then you definately should join and try out the surveys, US citizens have more accessible to them and the most paying ones too. Other countries that have access to such are Australia, Canada and the UK. I don’t know of any other lest I give people false hope but I’m sure there are a few more countries with this luck.

If you are from other countries you may not be so luck. A day can easily go by without even a single survey or offer. So you may have to try out clicking ads and earning through that. You also will most likely be getting surveys that pay very little cash. Surveys are the second most paying way to earn at cash crate.


4. Referrals

Well im sure this is self explanatory. You get people join the site and get money for it. When your referrals reach 10 bucks for the first time, you get 3 bucks for it and the referral program earns you 20% of what your referrals make. So this is a good one if you have a site that has enough traffic or if you have quite a good number of followers or friends on your social media accounts and you can do some promotion for the site.


My say

Ads are totally out. If you are from the US i advice that you try out cashcrate you can make a little bit of cash from it. If you are looking for legit ways to make real money, like 4 figure monthly passive income check out our #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.





No doubt that cashcrate is a legit get paid to site. However if you are in certain countries this site is not worth working at and it cannot give you a full time income. If you have had any experience with cashcrate please let us know of your experience and if you also have questions concerning what is cashcrate just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Good luck



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