What is Bitcosky.biz : Is Bitcosky.biz a scam?

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What is Bitcosky.biz

Hello and welcome to another review of Bitcosky.biz. In this review im going to ve helpung all those that are facing difficulaties in thwir decisin making concerning this site, whether they should invest or not. After this review a person should be able to make a clear cut decision after being well informed. I hope this review will be an eye opener to all those with questions such as what is Bitcosky.biz, is Bitcosky.biz a scam, legit, honest, paying, genuine, fraudulent, real, fake, hi way, trustworthy, good or bad investment site or is it just o e those may sites are scamming people in the name of investing online.


What is Bitcosky.biz? Is it a scam

Do you think that Bitcosky.biz is a legit site? Form you own perspective what is Bitcosky.biz? Is it a scam site? Well as you shall find out in this review there is more to legitimacy than just claims of having a company and displaying a document of incorporation. As this site is still a new site (check date of post) it cannot be trusted and still needs to be monitored. However it is only fair to give you all that I have on the site and what people out there are saying about the site.

If you are a person who has never really been that much into making money online opportunies you then you may want to know that online investme t sites are popular for scamming people and 99 % of these are scams or turns scams along the way. So you probably would want to try out somethi g thay is time tested, legit and scam free way to male money online. Click here to check out how other people are building up 4 figure monthly Income from nothing.


Should i invest at Bitcosky.biz?

Bitcosky.biz doesn’t really have any online reputation and hence it is hard to tell whether this site is a scam site or not. However there are a few things that I know you obviously need to consider before you can make your investment decision. These are reasons why you may not want to invest with Bitcosky.biz.

Age of site

Bitcosky.biz has not been online for a long time. Although it was created in June 2018 for some reason this website has only started working end of January 2019.You can check out my review on a long lived hyip with a good reputation and no scam report here. The first rule you should know when considering an hyip site is that you should never invest in a new site. This is because these sites usually prove to be scams even though good things start small it is always advisable for you to try to get involved with the site when it has had at least some good months of having people invest in it and has had a good reputation.

I know there people.out there who are willing to be the first to try things first. If you are one of those then you should keep the second rule of investing in an HYIP site, invest only the amount that you can risk losing. If you are not sure you are ready o lose the amount you want to invest then don’t do it, don’t out your life savings in an hyip site, there is never an assurance that you get paid back the  money you invest, with new sites you usually don’t get anything back.

Are the returns realistic?

Some returns promised by some sites are too good to be true and cannot be paid back. Some are realistic but since most hyip sites belong to thieves they won’t be able to pay you anything because in the first place they never wanted to do that and since they are just thieves they don’t have any business plan to support the scheme.

The companies that are claimed should never be the things that make us trust a site. A company can be registered in the UK to make it easier and simpler to make people believe the site is legit and scam them. The returns that are promised by Bitcosky.biz are quite high and without any genuine business plan cannot be obtained.

Hidden identity

Investing in a new hyip site is always like walking into a dark cave , without knowing what really is in there. The person behind the site seems as if he is not willing to let people who he or she is for whatever reason. I’m not sure I would be willing to invest in a site that claims it has a company but has no real contact details. You cannot even call the owner of the site, you cannot place a call to a genuine business? That doesn’t sound genuine to me. It is always those small things that mark scams, No contact details and also fake contact details. I wouldn’t be willing to lend money to a person that I don’t know who lives in my own city so giving it to some I don’t think I would give it to who comes in a way that is being used by thousand other people to rob people off their money.

Looking for a time tested and paying HYIP site?

I myself have never really been  on the side of hyip sires because these sites always prove to be scams somehow. After a few days or weeks or months they go for the run and people lose their money. Since hyip sites are usually ponzi schemes, this scheme cannot last for long because the new investors may soon be able to match with older investors to pay the older investors back their money in time.

There is only one site that I have come across that seems to be doing quite well and is in good books with all investors even after being online from 2017 till now. Do you think that you can trust such a site? It is also well paying . Click here to check out the review on this site and find out if it is what you are looking for another scam. If you are not really into hyip site you can also check wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate has been online since 2007 and helps you create an online business from scratch to a business that can make thousands every month.



What do you think about what is Bitcosky.biz? Could this site be an upcoming scam or another one in a million site that will stand out about the other thousands that have probed to be  scams. Have you had any experience with Bitcosky.biz? If you have had any or have questions, help us help others by letting is know in the comments section below.

Good luck




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