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Hello and welcome to my review. In this review with my help and prior experience and study of hyip sites I am going to try to help those that may be facing investment difficulties on whether they should invest or whether this would be an unnecessary risk. If you have questions such as what is, is a scam, legit, honest, real, genuine, paying, trustworthy,  , fraudulent, good or bad investment site then this review is the right review for you. Not to boast about anything but I totally believe anyone who wants to invest in this site should at least check out a review like this or anything like it. It will be a real eye opener.


What is Bitcorefunds.core? Is it a scam?

So I have been reviewing online ways to make money for quite some timw now with hundreds of reviews and had to study hyip sites, how they work, how they are operated and how they are created, controlled and scam people. Bitcore is a new onl8ne investment site and it would be quite a bad thing to call it a scam without giving the site a chance to prove its legitimacy. However all I can say is that investing on this site would be a huge risk and may lead to some real regretting as you shall see in this Review.

So I have a couple of reasons why you should not trust even though no scam reports have been seen or heard. If you are a newbie in the make money online sector then I would recommend you try out something time tested that is scam free like Affiliate marketting the Wealthy affiliate way. Or if you know all about HYIP sites being usually scams but willing to take risks you may want to check out another hyip I will talk about later on in this review.


Reasons why you should not invest at

Like I said there are quite a few things you may need to know before investing in this site, things you need to first consider. Since I am both just a scam investigator but also a business advisor I’m also going to do what I know best, advise you. So below are some of the few things that you should not overlook and that you may not know.

Hyip is still too new

When I first started looking into hyip sites I saw that this one rule should never be overlooked, never invest in a new site. No matter how legit the site may look as long as it is new then you want to make sure you have nothing to do with it. Although hyip sites are the most common sites and the most growing you will also find out that about 99 % of these hyip sites are scams. They exist for a few days, weeks or even months and disappear with people’s money. was created in Novemeber 2018 but came into use mid January making it a new site at the date of post. Never be the one who wants to be the first person to attempt trying a new river with your foot, learn from others and wait for the site to get some popularity and some online reputation. If you are however willing to try out this site just make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing.

Hidden identity

There is also a matter of lack of transparency from the site which is also common on almost all Hyip sites but this becomes a big issue when the site has no online reputation  to check whether it has been paying or not. No one knows who the sire belongs to and evidently the site owners don’t want you to know either.

Well, all we know is that HYIP sites are full of scams and can not be trusted. The YouTube video on the site is enough for you to know that the owners don’t want to be known and I hope you are not going to try to give your money to an unknown person because they claim to be legit in a world.where everyone is doing that and still scamming people. On the registration details of the site at whois the details.of who owns the site were not given. The site won’t even give you a phone number for you to make enquaries. According to my prior expense this is usually one characteristic of a scam site.

Are the returns  really possible

The returns promised can be attained but this is only when the site is practicing the business stated at all. Even though the company is registered this does not mean any business is going on. Many many scams have the same truck of registering their sites in the UK because it is cheaper and easier  so having a company registered online should not make you fall for it.


Want advice?

Although I am quite a big critic of online investment sites because they are well known for being scams I have one site I know that you can risk trying. Having been created in November 2015 it is still paying and has been online ever since, being the only hyip site that I came across that has a good online reputation and no report whatsoever of having had scammed anyone at all. This is the only hyip site that i have ever recommended from the many Hyip sites I have reviewed. Click here to check out my review of this honest hyip .

You may also be hesitant to send your money to a person you don’t know also given that HYIP sites have a real bad reputation. You can try out Wealthy affiliate and see how it works out for you. This Site has been online since 2007 and has helped people make a real living on the internet tha  traditional jobs could offer to people. Can you WORK part time to create a 4 or even 5 figure monthly passive Income generating business online? Check out WA.



It is never a good idea to invest in an hyip site especially if it is a new one. These sites can here today and not be around tomorrow, they run everyday, many of them, they just dissappear with people’s money. In this Review all we can say is if you are willing to make an investment with the site, invest only the mount you can risk losing. The site is very suspicious and can it be trusted.

Good luck

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