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Before investing in this site, read review about what is yol.group.

Yol.group is an investment which has just landed on the market and isn’t very much popular on the internet. With not much testimonials I’ll try to review this site using only the information which is given and already in existence. If you have been scammed by this site or have a good experience please do let us know in the comments section. If you have questions like what is yol.group, is yol.group a legit, fake, honest, real, bad, genuine, scam, honest, trustworthy or fraudulent site I’ll try to help you with the best of my knowledge of scam sites.

All reviews on this site currently are being made keeping in mind that there are a lot of scams that are being hatched out everyday and any site might just be it so I highly recommend that all those looking for ways to make money online avoid investment sites and some PTC sites which have been created and haven’t really been online for a long time. You can try out PTC sites such as NEOBUX and CLIXSENSE. If you are looking for long term and most paying ways to make money online though these may require more than just clicking ads you can CLICK HERE TO TRY INTERNET ENTREPRENUERSHIP.

What is yol.group? Is it a scam?

With the given background of how investment sites are proving to be scams and are being hatched out everyday it is hard to know whether yol.group is really a scam or a legit site. However I can only give a trust percentage for this site and being that the site is an investment site it cannot go past 50%. All hyip sites have a high riskninvolved for the investors and these hyip sites are usually ponzi schemes which pay older investors with the money they get from new investments.

I’m sure you can see that the trust score isn’t very promising either. This trust mark also has to be justified of course which I’m going to try to do. For those interested I’ll also try to explain another old way of making money online that is usually done by successful people online, which recquired goin to be a little hard working if you cannot afford paying others to do the job for you.

Why yol.group has a below half trust percentage

Given that there isn’t any issues with almost all investment sites this site could have had a better trust Mark, however the issue of many scams being created and the fact that the site as at date of creation of post is still very new can be quite a worth it cause not to trust the site that much.

1. Age of Yol.group

Yol.group is a new investment site and it was created early October 2018. To check up these details you can look up the site on WhoIS.com. The first rule concerning especially investment sites is that no matter howblegir, honest or real they look never trust a new site.

New sites dissappear with people’s money everyday and at the beginning new sites may act real legit just as part of the scam, and when they have gained the trust of people and people can now invest more money to get more returns, that is when  the site shows some true colours.

Good sites turn bad and it happens everyday. So the thing is you have to look for something that is a year or 2 years old in operation. The site can not survive that long trying to fake being legit as it may cost lots of money and loses, plus after the end of a year or so scams will have had already been labeled scams and some will have had been deleted by their hosts for illegal practice.

2. The absence of real personalities

Legit sites do not have anything to hide about themselves and their admins and founders. Investment sites which have no real people mentioned or shown are fishy. One major characteristic of scams is the use of fake identity or use of no identity at all.

This is usually done so that when you get scammed by the site you cannot tell who really is behind all that and so you can’t trace to get the person sued or bring the law upon him or her. Whenever you see that the identity of the person cannot really be identified it is time you walk away, there is a high possibility of the site being a scam and there is no real confidence in the site and it’s success.

The best or most recommended way to make money online

This way of making money online is just some worth of entrepreneurship and some people who do it, do it as an actual business and not just part time and the good thing being that anyone can do it as long as you can read and write.This is all about web creation and monetisation.

It is simply about creating websites and making money through them. Creating a website that can actually make money may take a little bit of time though, the time depends on how hard you are working on it. The more you work on it ( that is create content of a particular niche ) the more chances you get of it generating some life time monthly passive income.

Once the site has been worked on enough and can get traffic (visitors) from search engines like Google and Bing the  you can start getting money from it.  Web creation is the least of things you should be worried about because for you to start such a project you need a host and the hosting site will give you all the on the job training you recquire, the only problem you can worry about is which web host you should use which offers the best service.

The best web host so far

So far I have used quite a number of web hosts as I was trying to get myself on my feet in the online world and so of course I know which hosts are more helpful and help most people succeed. Son I Will leave you a link to a web host which gives you more training and most relevant too, it takes you right from the web creation part to the part where you become successful online.

This host is time tested and has been ooerating since 2007. It has also produced most of the successful people online because It takes you right from web creation, content creation, how to create good content for Google, where to get content  and up to the monetisation part unlike other hosts which only help on the web creation part. It also offer two free website hosting for it’s new members after they have a free account on the platform.



I advice that for the time being you look for.other alternatives to make money online or even to be safer, find traditional ways to make money without investing it in any site. If you have more questions or contributions about what is yol.group  please feel free to comtact me on the section below and I’ll shortly get back to you.

Good luck

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