What is Nochifunds.pw : Nochifunds scam exposed

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What is Nochifunds.pw

Hello and welcome to my review of What is Nochifunds.pw. Have you been think I g of investing at Nochifunds.pw.and just wasn’t sure whether you would get your money back or whether it is just oe of the many upco.ing scams online? Well this review is going to help you make your decision as it will be giving you more details about the site and also helping you know how vest you can identify scams. If you have questions like what is Nochifunds.pw, is Nochifunds.pw a scam, legit , honest, real, good, trustworthy, fraudulent, genuine, paying or bad investment site then this review is just the one for you.


What is Nochifunds.pw? Is it a scam site?

Over the last few years there has been a sharp rise in the number of online scams coming in the name of hyip sites or what can be best known as high yielding investment programs. These are programs or sites which ask you to invest your money with them and then they just dissappear with it without you having have had been paid anything. To answer the question what is Nochifunds.pw in short, this site is a scam site.

Sadly Nochifunds.com is one of those many online scams that are only interested in people’s money and nothing more. If you however choose to proceed with your investment decision just make sure you only invest the amount that you can risk losing. You can also check out our #1 recommended way of making money online here.

Why you should not invest with Nochifunds.pw

Now after having had to review quite a lot of scams and legit sites online i have to admit I can tell which one is a scam and which one isn’t by looking the details or even the slight things. So I’m going to be showing you the other things you may want to look at before you choose invest in the site, so below are a couple of reasons  why you should not invest with Nochifunds.pw.

 Unrealistic returns

Most probably this is what attracted you to the site, the many returns that are promised to the investors by the site. But do you think this site can really pay all the investors the money they will be waiting for in such a short time, a few hours. I’m sure any sensible person would know that such an assumption  does not exist. Investors being paid back more than 120% in just 4 hours?

Well everyone loves money but there is also. This one aspect to money that people never really consider, is the fact that money will always be money, money will always be hard to get and hard to give away. Evidently the returns that are stated as the payment plans cannot be achieved without the site having to run on an abnormal loss and there is no firm that is willing to do so for no reason.

The sites that have been labeled as legit and have been paying people for quite a reasonable number of days or few months pay as little as 0.5% per day meaning to get back your full invested money you will have to have to wait over 200 days, 6 months and then you can start getting some profit. So these sites have not reached 200days old yet and who knows if they are really going to be paying for 200 days and more.

Hidden identity

Just like any other scam site you will find out that you will never know about the owner or any person that is directly involved with the site. It has always been that way and always will be that way when it comes to scams, remember thieves and scams are just one and the same thing, the reason behind them never letting you know about who they really are is because they know that can be used as a way to track them down once reports go out that the site is scamming people

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If you go to a website called whois you may understand what I am talking about. WhoIS is a website that contains registration details about a site, the information there tells who the owner is, when the site was created and the where it is from and many stuff like that. When it comes to these hyip sites like Nochifunds.pw it is mandatory that the details should be given especially those of who the owner of the site is but you will find out that this is not given.

If I were you i would t feel comfortable giving my money to someone I don’t even know and have never even spoke to. In real.life you don’t do that and neither should you when online.

Fake contact details

Have you tried to make a call to the site to make any enquiries? If you have then you may have had noted that the call doesn’t go through and you get notified that the number you have dialled is an invalid number. Placing a phone number on the site just makes the site look legit when it is not.

Giving their real contact details would mean exposing themselves and when reports go out it won’t be that hard to get caught.

Other legit ways to make money online?

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The question of what is Nochifunds.pw is quit an obvious and open thing. After all the fishy things and all the hiding and fairness I’m sure you will agree with me this site is not worth anyone’s trust. Nochifunds.pw is a scam site and is only afyer people’s money and nothing more. Of course it won’t last long but it will be able to get some people to invest. Please leave a comment if you have any questions below.

Good luck


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