Wealthy Affiliate is a scam review : Wealthy affiliate investigated

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Wealthy affiliate is a scam review : Review by a member

After reading this review one should be able to make clear cut decisions after being well informed about the site under review. The purpose of scamzeroed.com is to help you detect scam sites before they scam you. This wealthy affiliate is a scam review will not be as hard to conduct as this wealthy affiliate has been online for quite a long time ( several years) and already has an online reputation. This review will provide answers for this with questions like What is wealthy Affiliate, ie wealthy affiliate a legit, good, bad, real, genuine, scam, trustworthy or honest way of making money online.

Wealthy affiliate was started by Kyle and Carson in 2005 and has been largely growing ever since and helping online entreprenuers succeed online. So this site is all about teaching people how to create website and how to make money from the website.  Wealthy affiliate is a platform that helps people make money online through affiliate marketing and ads.

Well this is not really the only way to make money online but these are the majors they teach as they are the most honest and most paying ways to earn online. Wealthy affiliate helps you establish your online business online , by offering a platform to build the site and also step by step training on how to create a website, choosing a niche, creating relevant content also helps you with Search engine optimization which allows you to rank better on Google and make more money. This is all that people say about wealthy affiliate but is all this really true? Let us find out.

Wealthy affiliate is a scam review. True or false?

Okay like I already mentioned, wealthy affiliate already has an online reputation and like we always say here at scamzeroed, time exposes scams. On this Wealthy affiliate is a scam review let us keep in mind the issue of time testing. Wealthy affiliate affiliate was started in 2005 and if the site was a scam it would have come out and have been viral by 2006 and yet it is now almost 2019 and and there has been said nothing about it  being a scam at all.

Wealthy affiliate is not a scam. If it was a scam we would know by now and as far as we are concerned this site is one scam free site, with scam free ways of making money online. I first came across wealthy affiliate early 2018 and have tested it and have become a member of it and I have actually enjoyed the platform. No wonder why the site is called the home of affiliate marketers or the home of online entrepreneurs. The site is 100% trustworthy, honest and recommended.



Why Wealthy Affiliate is labeled legit here

I will be real honest with you, in my quest to find legit ways to make money online I have tried so many sites and have done so many reviews of legit and scam sites, but I can really say none of all those legit sites can really surpass the training offered by Wealthy affiliate. So I say, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, go to wealthy affiliate. Even those trying to make money from PTC sites and Hyip sites I always point them to wealthy affiliate because it is the best I can think of. I believe wealthy affiliate is the best online platform to build an online business because of the following reasons:

1. Two free hosted websites on a free account

It is very rare to get such an offer where you are given access to try out the site for free. Wealthy affiliate allows you to have free websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate which can actually be ranked on Google despite the fact that you have not purchased any domain name. I didn’t really believe that a .siterubix site could rank on search engines until mine did.

2. The community

You will find that this is one of the most interesting part of wealthy Affiliate, real time communication. I at times enjoyed reading other people’s posts, mistakes, questions, success stories and life stories and mostly motivational stories of how other made it or are making it. Other than that when you throw in a question you will get answers from the many experts on the platform and you will also get answers to a similar question from years or days or months back and any question you ask has already been answered before so you won’t go wrong.

3. Step by step training

I created this site on go daddy without any other training except what I had learned at the  wealthy affiliate training courses. The training provided is just straight to the point and the best you can get. Unlike what I have experienced on other hosting sites. It is way quicker and the user interface is on point too compared to the other web hosts I have used before.

3. Good reputation

Wealthy affiliate has quite an outstanding reputation when it comes to the results it produces of those who have actually succeeded in online marketting. If you have a site that hasn’t been doing well I advice that you try applying the training on wealthy affiliate and see how it will work out for you.

4. You don’t have to be a computer genius to start

I remember the first time I came across wealthy affiliate I thought I had to be some computer genius to start. You don’t have to be an IT expert to make websites and earn when using wealthy affiliate. They have everything sort out for you and simplified so you won’t struggle with anything.





Maybe you are probably thinking that this site is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate too😂. Not at All, this site is hosted at Godaddy and I might one day transfer it to wealthy affiliate hosting but it is a go daddy site and you can check that information on WhoIS.com. However I do have a site hosted at Wealthy Affiliate which I messed up and don’t really use anymore, otherwise the whole thing of how to create a website and search engine optimization i got it from wealthy affiliate and I honestly believe that this is the best site to use for online entrepreneurship or web creation for .

Now just to round up on this “wealthy affiliate is a scam review”, this site isn’t a scam, not only that, it is also scam free and teaches you honest ways to make money online. I recommend that you try out making money online the wealthy affiliate way. If you feel you have some questions Please just let me know on the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

Good luck

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