review : Is a scam or legit online store?

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What is is an Indian based website that claims to be selling sarees. The prices on this site are quite eye catching too and it looks like the site has been advertising their items on Facebook or some other platforms. Well in this review we are going to be looking at the site to see if they  can be trusted or not with your hard earned money. Hopefully you will also share your views in the comments section as to whether they are a fraud or not.

So in this we are going to be assessing their legitimacy and as we shall all see the site is reported to be a scam site and not worth buying from. So below are some of the reasons why the site cannot be trusted and why you want to be careful with the online store.


Scam complaints

Lately there have been a number of people that have also complained against this online store staying that they have been scammed by them. Well some say it is past deliver date and thry hsvent received their order yet.

Well that is quite not too bad but the bad part is ehatbrhey have also complained that they haven’t received even a confirmation email that the order is being processed and the tracking number for the order. When you see this then you know you are dealing with a scam site already.


Prices and contact details

 +91 6158054580

The prices on the site are also too good to be true. If you come across similar prices on another site be careful you may be running into a scam. The site is also using the contact details given below which the customers have already complained that they are not going through. You might as well want to try calling the number to check



The site is a scam and not worth buying from. If you do you will risk making payment to a scan site and not getting anything in return. The site has provided contact details which are claimed to be not going through and so you may have a hard time trying to contact the site.  So off you haven’t already placed an order better to keep it that way and if you have already then please share with us your experience and give to us in the comments section your own review.

Good luck

2 comments on “ review : Is a scam or legit online store?

  1. Sheetal Darbar

    Now a days to much scam website is coming in facebook like,indoshopbh,and go watch this all website are scam website.please don’t go for this three website I got bad experience about this that we order for product and paid by card and product was not received I think we should report this to aaj take media because no other can be fool with this type of website


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