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Hello everyone and welcome to my review of The online store is a new online store mostly interested in Indian wear and also most likely Indian based. The site claims to be selling suits and in this review we are going to be assessing if they are legit or a fake or fraudulent site.

Already the site has been reported as a scam and as untrustworthy. Well this is what this review is all about. Proving that they are a scam and you shpuld not buy from them. Below are some of the scam signs that we managed to identify on the site which we hope will answer all your questions regarding the site. Also share your experience or opinion about this site in the comments section.


Are there scam reports?

In the part month or 2 the online store has managed to raise quite a number of scam reports. Those who bought from the site have reported to have had been scammed. Mostly it’s about those that made payments to the online store and still never got what they ordered.

Other complaints include people that made purchase and received fake counterfeit items which may help explain why the prices are so low. The quality was bad enough to see the customer want to get a refund. Other people have also not received any confirmation emails after they made a payment.


Prices are too low

There is no doubt that the price reductions claimed here are either a real scam or a scam that is just misleading people to buy cheap stuff by claiming they actually cost a lot. Its like being told you are buying an iPhone 11 for 50 bucks and the you get a fake iPhone 11 for that money. Its still a scam.

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The site doesn’t seem to be a new online store according to the whois registry details we found. It was actually registered or created in 2018 and it seems like they have only been operating for a month or 2 now and there are already a bunch of scam reports from those who bought. Don’t get scammed by these guys. If you were planning on buying from them do no because they are a scam. Also if you have had some experience we look forward to hear from you what you think about this review. Leave a comment and forget scammed.

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