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What is is an online store that is mainly Indian related. The site claims to be selling clothing and also has ads on Facebook. They have been reported a number of times for fraud and scamming people. This is what has led to this review and if you have come across the site we hope you will also share your views or experience with us in the comments section.

Hopefully you haven’t already made a payment to the site as this will only mean that the scammers might have had already taken your money. In this review we will be telling of what others have had to say about the site and reasons why they have been labeled a scam. So if you got questions in whether is a scam or fraud or legit below are some scam signs.



Unlike most scam sites hasn’t been online for a few days. They have been online for quite some time now and in all that time have only managed to get people suspicous and complaining.

Complaints from others are that they are not sending them any confirmation email after they have placed an order which means you can’t even track the order. They just take the payment and go silent.

Other complaints have gone to as far as not receiving anything after making the payment. So this does how the site isn’t really legit at all.


Contact details

The scammers haven’t left their contact details. They tell you to leave your contact details instead and that is just so they won’t reveal their identity. So there are no contact details known as at date.



I wouldn’t encourage anyone to buy from The site so most likely a 100% scam site and you should not put your money or credit card at risk. Thise who buy from the online store will risk making payment to a site that won’t deliver the items they are supposed to deliver. Don’t get scammed and also report any suspicious sites you may come across and if you have any questions regarding this review just leave a comment.

Good luck

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