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Most people have been failing to read the text on website because of the language which is Dutch and not many can understand it but the only thing you can read from there are the very alluring prices. After shopping on the website many people have been asking if it’s a legit store or if it’s actually a scam. Well, this review is going to help you recognise some features that may cause a lot people to say it’s a scam. is an online store that sells a variety of things from car dashboard cameras, to kids toy’s and has been running for almost a year now.

Scam signs noted

In this 21st century most people can read and write English as it’s an official language but sadly on this website they have written their information in Dutch. Language has been a barrier already and you cannot trust a company that has information which you really cannot understand.

Vandaag Voordeel online store has prices that are too good to be trusted. Even for black Friday deals it’s hilarious to see a Car dashboard cameras going from €149,99 to €34.95. this is a scam sign that can not be ignored. On the other column of list of goods being sold which are on the second page everything has the same price which is €19,99, for people who take their business seriously this mistake should have been rectified.

Having no phone number or physical address is a sign that this is a scam. As we all know scammers wouldn’t want to traced so they withhold that information or give fake this case Vandaag Voordeel didn’t enter their contact information which is a clear scam sign you’d not want to ignore.


The bottom line is this online store can not be trusted. If you’ve had any experience with this online store please do let us know your experience and thoughts on the the comment section below. Stay woke!


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