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Shady online stores can be easily noted when you pay attention to the scam signs. is a very shady online store and has left customers with this question “was this a scam?” Though it seemed legit you can still be fooled. This review will point out scam signs that you’d have ignored before buying from them.

How it’s scamming individuals

After adding your orders to the cart, you then pay by adding your credit card details and payment says complete. In most cases you never receive the goods you ordered. In some cases money will be continuously deducted from the account without your consent.

Scam signs to take note of.

Prices are one of the things this online store has been using to lure customers into paying for items their orders. Yes, Christmas deals are appealing but the prices on are just too good to be true even for Christmas specials. They are offering at the very least 70% discount for their items. You cant trust these insanely reduced prices.

Fake telephone number and physical address indeed exposes them and makes us trust them less and doubt their credibility. Scammers would want to cover their tracks and you certainly not trust a store that is hiding important information from customers.

This store is too new to be trusted, it was registered on the 30 of November. They actually want people to refrain from sending multiple inquiries and honestly this is shady. A real legit store would be transparent enough to let you ask whatever you want to ask and reply you with pleasure.

Verdict. can not be trusted. If you have an encounter with this store do let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay woke!






10 comments on “Beware of scam :

  1. Dave Young

    I just ordered a ps4 before I read any of the scam reviews. They sent me a confirmation email. Am I going to be ripped off? If so can I get my money back?

      1. Brandy

        It doesn’t give a cancel option. Emails go ignored and phone number doesn’t work. They got us too! No order number and no way to even create an account to sign into. I think they steal all of your info and also make it look like you paid with PayPal but transfer it a different way, send a phony receipt/confirmation. Was never asked to log into PayPal like normal orders when you are redirected to tbeir site. Lowlife jerks…was going to be a gift four our kids, now out money and get the headache of dealing with making sure they don’t get any more money from our account!

        1. Carol A Mead

          I also ordered from them a ps4 and Xbox one no tracking number but I got an email from PayPal with a confirmation number but when I tried to cancel it paypal said it was a legal transaction! I can’t get my money back yet and probably won’t get the things I ordered. I’m on disability and they were Christmas gifts for my kids I feel so stupid to have been scammed and my kids have always wanted them but I couldn’t afford it and I thought wow finally I can do this and that the prices were so low because of the new ps5. This is horrible not sure what to do next.

    1. Glenda K Eubanks

      Have you received your playstatuon or was there a date of expected delivery……just wondering if the site is legit or not

  2. Harry Hairston

    I bought a playstation 5 but I never received it. It was supposed to come in 2 days. They haven’t taken any money of my account but when I tried calling the phone number it just hangs up. What should I do now? Should I call the bank.

  3. Amber

    We ordered a Playstation 4 and now are fighting to get our money refunded. This is crazy. If anyone has tips I’d greatly appreciate it. This was supposed to be a gift for my 6 year old daughter. I am so upset!!!


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