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[Total: 1 Average: 1] is an online store that is selling electric cars at prices that one reviewer has just said to be too good to be true. Just recently its been blackfriday and some could be wondering if this could be another awesome black friday deal they just came across online or the site is just another scam taking advantage of the period that we are in.

Welcome to this very short review of where we will be looking at the online store to see whether you should buy from them or not. So just in case you were wondering whether is a scam or legit, real or fake in this review you will find out how much if a scam and rip off thsse guys are.


Scam signs

There are quite a number of reports that have been issued against since the site has been online long enough for people to have some experience with them and none of those are positive. No one is received the electric car they purchased from the site. That is quite expected from a site that would be selling you a car that costs more than 1 K for less than a hundred bucks.

I’m sure it’s your first time to hear of the site and that is because they haven’t been online for long and they areĀ  along a great list of other scam sites that have existed before and scammed people . The site was created on the 4th of August 2020 and the email address doesn’t even contain their domain name. Their don’t have any phone number and cannot be tracked.





You wouldn’t want to buy from this scam site selling electric cars. You won’t get any and it is clear that the prices are indeed too good to be true. There is no way you would find such a cheap electric car unless it is some toy. Please let us know what you think and have experienced regarding

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3 comments on “ review : Beware of scam

    1. BRENDA L Majalca

      I tried to cancel my order shortly after I made a $200.00 purchased and paypal is still investigating my transaction case one was closed because the packaged is tracked and it says is been delayed because of covid 19 but I should be receiving it soon . I warned paypal its a scam but they are still trying to contact the seller . Will paypal refund my money since they have alloted so much time to go by? What can I do to get this people to pay back this money they stole from so many people like me

  1. Allen

    yes after two months and tracking a tracking number from China a cheap glass bead bracelet showed up in the mail with the same tracking number totally a scam.


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